Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From the Mix Tape - Radical Face

Why am I just discovering this? I have no idea, but I'm glad that I did. Simply beautiful arrangements and enough uniqueness in the melody that I keep returning to it.

From the the talent:

Ghost was released in March, 2007 on Morr Music. I started writing for the record long before that, though. I'd been collecting songs for the record since early 2004, all under the concept of making a record about houses. rBut because I'd been writing for the album over that long a period, I wound up with way too many songs, even after discarding the ones I was less excited about. So I divided those up into two categories, based on their sound. Category one was "Ghost." Category two will be my next solo record, but I'll wait until I'm closer to completion before I talk too much about that one.

So "Ghost" is a concept record. I know that's a dirty word to a lot of people, but I like concept records. It was written with the idea of houses having memories, and people leaving ghosts behind whenever they move from one place to the next. An idea that whatever we do in our homes is collected in the walls and might come out and haunt whoever moves in next. So the songs are all short stories, tied together with a theme.

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