Monday, October 5, 2009

SNL Gets Worse and Worse, BUT OBAMA SUCKS TOO!

I was actually going to leave SNL's opening skit alone. To be FRANK, I have come accustomed to SNL being terrible. Aside from the occasional Digital Short and funny skit here or there during the election, SNL has sucked and will continue to suck for some time. They don't have any stand out characters, Kristen Wiig has been played out with her wacky and weird file and then there is Fred Armisen...

I don't know whoever let him in the cast, but I have been in and around Chicago's comedy scene for three years now and can name some 30 people who are funnier onstage than Fred Armisen. Normally sketch comics have craft and work on their craft. After awhile they find their niche and do really well with that. Armisen doesn't have a damn thing he is good at, it seems like SNL just has characters no one else can or will play and BOOM Armisen gets it.

His Obama "impersonation" is a prime example of this, and SNL's opening skit proved how bad it has gotten. CAN THEY NOT FIND A BLACK GUY?! CAN THEY NOT FIND A GOOD IMPRESSION? I WILL USE MORE CAPS TO EXPRESS MY ANGER? KEENAN REALLY? HE IS JUST AS BAD!!!

In the beginning of the primaries Armisen at least "attempted" (and I say attempted because it was a weak one at that) to nail down the cadence of Obama's speech, but noowwwwwww NOPE FUGG IT. OUT THE WINDOW! Armisen doesn't reflect the presence of Obama, the vocal intonations, the gestures or facial tickets, heck he doesn't even try to flash an Obama-like smile! You could put anyone and I mean anyone to put out such as half-ass attempt and the skit would have been the same. It is sad and proof SNL has completely lost its swagger.

Regarding the sketch it actually had the right set up, a good slam on both right and left critics of President Obama and the President himself, whether you agree or disagree or not. It also shows how people expect everything to happen overnight and that is quite silly. For the haters it showed that Obama really is not all the evil things they say, for the lefters chill out and for the lovers, the man is not all that perfect.

Ok. Get it.

But boy was that poor execution and I am fed up with it. SNL on Saturday had a great host in Ryan Reynolds which it failed to use properly. Instead we got boring skits, a terrible cat fight between Lady GaGa and what looked like Madonna and Armisen's same old bad impression of the President.

SNL just gets worse and worse. *sighjohnbelushiwemissyoubillmurraywhereareyou

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