Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Sorry, been running around all morning and finally got in, here's what I am noticing and here is the deal. ALAN GRAYSON ROCKS! No nonsense big guy sticking up for America, and the actual main stream that the Republicans love to throw around as talking points. Other than that I was up late design some coolness and hotness for peoples twitters. So if you see a little FRANK CHOW ART on some twitters, that is is why. Anyone else want one, let me know!

Here are your highlights:

Afghanistan: It is called the chain of command, stupid

Everyone and I mean everyone is hooting and hollering about the Daleympics

Stream the new Built to Spill, more please more bands I grew up loving making albums! Mineral? Braid? Penfold?


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