Monday, May 16, 2011

There is Only Greenwald

Kevin Drum:

Glenn Greenwald:

There are about 30 obsessive, truly unstable Obama cultists who sit on Twitter all day, literally, smearing with vile, rancid invective anyone who criticizes their Leader - last night's target: @JoanWalsh - just look at her stream to see what they spew every day, all day, at anyone who commits the Supreme Sin of criticizing the President of the United States. Every day they find a new heretic - it's the same 30 people over and over - whose only life activity seems to be this

Only 30? Actually, that doesn't seem so bad to me. I would've figured that Obama still had at least a few thousand die-hard supporters on Twitter. This is either a sign that the mental health of the left is fairly good, or else that Obama is going to have a tougher time getting reelected than I think.

Glenn Greenwald doesn't like criticism, so he name calls those who disagree with him "cultists." God forbid, someone agrees with the president. I used to read Greenwald consistently, but his demeanor on Twitter alone has made his writing off-putting. It should be just as healthy to question Greenwald's writing and motivations as it is to questions Obama's. And if you don't like the response you get from Twitter, don't go to Twitter (there's certainly plenty of stupid on there). I'm quite unsure why Kevin Drum would waste his time on Greenwald's high school like bickering.

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