Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Oh it's Thursday! Last night was a beautiful bon voyage to a talented man known as teh TIM. At Laughing Liberally we were subjected to hilarity, a proper roast and a hilarious slide show of teh TIM. The Accountants of Homeland Security truly threw the gauntlet down. Insert golf claps here. This weekend we are working on some anniversary time. I booked Blue 13 for our dinner and can't wait to go back. Probably window shop during the day, Bed, Bath and Beyond...don't know if will have enough time (an oldie but a goodie). More busy shizzle today, 2011 thus far has been sucky blogging apologies.

Here are your highlights:

What If They Had A Depression And Nobody Noticed?

If you haven't figured it out yet, the Republicans don't care too much for democracy

Sandra Lee is Touchy, Touchy - maybe next time date of non-politician?

We are ruled by truly stupid people

One last dig, Elizabeth Edwards cut John Edwards out of her will

Asian American justice center's remarks on 14th amendment, birthright citizenship and the AAPI community. The attack on the 14th amendment is a vile and base instinct of people fearful of change in America. It's an issue we as a community need to bring to light over and over. We are American too after all.


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