Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Walking Dead Tonight!

At least it premieres tonight, I'm making cheese dip. That Redskins game was god awful. They are lucky there is an upcoming bye week.


Redskins Sunday

It's gonna be another busy day in Chicago. We have to hit up Trader Joe's, do some fall cleaning, Redskins game and then tonight we're having friends over for the Walking Dead premiere. In between all of that I'm going to try to edit down the material from the second episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown. Paddy K and I talked for over two hours (we lost track of time) and can't wait to share the hilarity, discussion and music with everyone.

Redskins v Lions quick analysis. First of all we aren't great on turf ie the Rams game. Second the Lions handed us an embarrassing loss last year NOT COOL, it's time for revenge. Third, if Orapko and the defense get to Stafford the game hopefully will swing our way like last week...with less ugliness. Let's hope McNabb finds his groove soon and one of our receivers steps up.


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P.S. Yoshi's was aaamaaaazzzzinnng.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Yoshi Night

The lady and I are heading tonight to Yoshi's Cafe within walking distance of her place. We've lived here for quite some time, but have yet to make a stop by Yoshi's and we're gleaming with anticipation.

Celebrating two years and almost six months, I am looking forward to trying the Japanese Pumpkin Ravioli: with creamy garlic goat cheese sauce and herb infused oil. Of course we'll also be "sampling" some vino, the quaint space and time together. Perhaps we'll post some pics. Enjoy your evening!

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Rally to Restore Our Sanity

Prepping for the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown reading headlines, listening to tunes and drinking my coffee.

Who's going to the Rally 4 Sanity?! Sterno will be in attendance, so be on the look out for some amazing photography from the event. Seriously Colbert/Stewart should be paying the guy as press. I hope the rally goes well, that people get a good laugh out of it. As Steve M. stated, this rally is more about ratings than anything else. It has, however presented a mirror to our failed media establishment and they don't like what they see. As a comedian I find it amusing how much sway both men have had, perhaps they can restore a bit of sanity...

These next four days will determine whether or not our country has honestly lost its collective mind. ActBlue is doing one last blitz for donations. Give if you can. Every bit helps. Alexi for Senate! Feingold for Senate!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

From the Mix Tape - P.O.S. "Savion Glover"

P.O.S. - Savion Glover stripped down to its essentials, the lyrics. "This one's ours let's take another."


Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Next Episode

Paddy K and I will be recording the next episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown tomorrow morning. Lots to discuss, if you want us to cover any specifics, send us an email at tatpdocast at gmail dot com. In the mean time, if you haven't already, listen to Episode 1. It is also available on ITunes (review us please). Thank you for your support!

I am off to physical therapy. Ouch. TGIF!

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Enthusiasm Gap Explained

Democrats haven't read a history book recently or perhaps "Yes We Can" wasn't sold as "We Will Do What We Can to Pass a Bill?"

Greg Sargent:

In the last year, Dems passed health care reform after a half-century of false starts, and passed the most sweeping overhaul of Wall Street regulations since the Depression. Sure, you can debate endlessly whether either of these initiatives was as comprehensive as they might have been. But even if you think they weren't, these achievements undeniably dwarf those of recent years in terms of sheer scope and ambition.

Yet the number of Democrats who either think this Congress accomplished less or the same as in recent years totals 57 percent.

It's hard to know why this is. Perhaps the Dems' legislative accomplishments were destined to appear less consequential in light of Obama's history-making 2008 victory, and the inflated expectations it produced among Dems. Maybe the failure of the recovery has soured folks so badly that they aren't in the mood to think any nice thoughts about what Dems did accomplish. Or perhaps Dems feel on some gut level that the current Dem leadership has failed to rise to the transformational potential of the moment.

Whichever it is, the Dem lack of awareness of the historic nature of this Congress' accomplishments seems like it might help explain the "enthusiasm gap" as well as anything else we've heard.

Regardless it will be disastrous if people hug their hippie couches in apathy. And no that is not hyperbole, GOP control is set to be a wrecking ball to what minimal recovery we've had. It's the only way they know how to govern.

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White Panther Party: Voter Fraud Means Something Else

Kevin Drum comes to a conclusion about the right's obsession with alleged voter fraud:

In any case, nobody is suggesting we shouldn't police elections. What I am suggesting is that mountains of evidence demonstrate that the actual incidence of voter fraud is minuscule and nearly always freelance. Nonetheless, every two years Republicans whip up a towering hysteria over the specter of massive organized efforts to steal the election from them. Efforts that quite plainly don't exist. And since no party in its right mind would spend gobs of time and money fighting a tiny problem that affects virtually no actual election results, they must have some other motive for doing this. What might that be?

"We are all voter fraud police now", that's what it's about KEVIN! (eyes pop out of head and onto the Fox News station floor, followed by excessively foaming at the mouth while wearing a flag pin. A flag pin because that's what patriotism is founded on. Flags pins and making sure no robot mice get in the voter machines all ghosty-like)

If this election or any election doesn't follow the right's preferred narrative of "Take America Back" they have a clear bogeyman; the Others stole it.

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Ninja Thought

Dude, he's not king.

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

I was going to talk about my upcoming weekend here as per custom. Instead I was reading an entry by Angry Black Lady at Balloon Juice, put on my headphones and listened to B. Yung. I was blown away. This is what words can do. When B. Yung uses the words "I'm tired," you understand his exhaustion. It resonates with me now as we are four days away from the impending doom of the election. I'm tired of the nonsense. I'm tired of Republicans. I'm tired of the lies and I'm tired of the media reporting "both sides do it." I'm too tired, yet seeing this video inspires me. It reminds me of why I post to this blog and why I voted early yesterday. We have so much that is yet to be done and we can't let our country fail. As Angry Black Lady says, "It’s about people who have risen above the short stick they drew at birth, and it’s about all those people who have yet to achieve their potential." I couldn't agree more.

Here are your highlights:

BP and Halliburton knew cement was unstable - it's time for the Free Market Fairy to fix this!

More great news, US on track for fiscal train wreck

The election is being bought

Sierra Nevada for the win!

How about them Redskins? Ranked #2 in takeways thus far. A much welcomed change in the defensive approach (now cut down those big gains...)

Why are the Dems losing? The media and pollsters say it is their own fault. That's mostly true, but as the media plays tit for tat games with the political football Americans are more misinformed than ever before. Something has to be said for shows like these...


Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Voted to Put the Car in Drive

It was a simple decision. We have much work that needs to be done and it's become quite obvious that the Republican Party doesn't want to work. The Republican party wants to destroy President Obama. Their plans are to continue to set our country back, perhaps to the 1930's? I don't be one of those who waits around to find out. D - for Drive.

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Ninja Thought

Republican House of Pain

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Frontera Farmer Foundation

Support Local Farmers, Gapers Block:

The Frontera Farmer Foundation is now accepting applications for their 2011 grant cycle. Small, sustainable Midwestern farms serving the Chicago area are eligible to apply for up to $12,000 in capital improvement funds. Successful farm applicants must be individually owned, in operation for at least three years, and able to demonstrate how these funds will promote the availability of local foods in the Chicago area and improve the farm's viability.

Grants are due by February 28, 2011. For more information and to download the grant application, visit the Frontera Farmer Foundation website.

If you would like to support the efforts of the Frontera Farmer Foundation, consider a tax-deductible donation to their cause.

Rick Bayless sticking up for the little guy.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Barack Obama Pt. 1
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorRally to Restore Sanity

I am so sore. Beaten and battered. Damn you physical therapy, damn you. As I mentioned yesterday was my first visit to physical therapy for an evaluation and assessment. I was poked and prodded by the therapist and her conclusion was...displaced disc(s). My back is crooked, which I thought had self-corrected after taking over a month off which means...therapy for at least two months. Hooray! The only plus side is I have to adjust my work schedule to allow commuting time to get to my appointments; I will be on an "East Coast" shift. MORE RAGE, MORE BLOGGING, WHERE'S MY PAIN KILLERS?!!

Here are your highlights:

Alexi Giannoulias debates the corpocrat Mark Kirk. Why is it anytime a veteran defiles his own record, it's the opponents fault for the scope of lies? Classic Republican: playing the victim.

Still not getting better. Foreclosures in crisis

John Bonehead hanging out with Nazi reenactors

For those being pricks, Obama was right to go on the Daily Show

Arkansas School Board member wants gays to die of AIDS

President Obama in an engaging and often candid sit down with progressive bloggers. Oddly enough I did not get the call...guess the President doesn't appreciate photoshop?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ninja Thought

...and let the Idiocracy begin!

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Obama and Democrats Must Stand Against Extremism

The Nation:

Whether or not voters like it—and polls suggest most do not—America is saddled with a two-party system. Historically, this has required both parties to keep the middle ground in sight. Some of the earliest critics of McCarthyism in the 1950s were Senator Joe McCarthy's fellow Republicans; and when the John Birch Society made its move within the GOP in the early 1960s, rebukes came not just from mainstream party leaders like Richard Nixon and George Romney but from conservative icons Russell Kirk and William F. Buckley.

No more. In 2010 Republican leaders have abandoned even mainstream conservatives like Murkowski while welcoming the wrecking crew. Their money, and the money of independent "angels" like the Karl Rove–guided Crossroads GPS, the Chamber of Commerce and the billionaire Koch brothers, may buy victories on November 2. No matter what the final tabulation, however, President Obama and Congressional Democrats should make it clear that there will be no compromise with extremism. It must be challenged and defeated.

This mid-term might mean more to our country than previously thought. Regardless of your frustrations with the Democratic party, we aren't dealing with your run of the mill Republicans. These are fringe candidates who will soon be front and center as Senators. It's not too late to donate.

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From the "No Duh" Column of Reporting


Tea party's Senate victories unlikely to include Delaware

Ignore the fact that O'Donnell is running as a Republican candidate for a second and give me one poll where she was shown as close in this race. Thank you Sarah Palin. The bar has been lowered so far it's dragging on the ground.

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Phew. Wednesday and physical therapy. Yup, I am in early in order to leave early to get beat up and stretched out for the betterment of my old body. Who knew that before I turned 30 I would already be falling apart? INSANITY! In all reality this is a good thing. I had almost two months off of working out while popping pain killers, now is the time to recoup. Why? Well because I am going to be in a new short film that demands physicality. Hooray for acting! Hooray for physical therapy! Hooray for physicality acting! Ok enough of that let's do this...

Here are your highlights:

The Kentucky Curb Stomper's weak excuse

You lie! Joe Miller is a shady character whose lies have finally caught up with him

DeAngelo Hall's jersey headed to the Hall of Fame - Suck it Cutler

Monkeys, monkeys and new monkeys

Swept under the rug: Treasury hid A.I.G. Loss

Want a reason to vote? Lobbyists are drooling over a possible GOP House take over, should be reason enough. Digby makes a call for action. It is on. Time to buckle down and vote "D", as the president has said often "we have to put the car in drive, not reverse."


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Steve Yeun: Glenn in the Walking Dead

Asians in bad ass stuff! Great interview of Steve Yeun on Attack of the Show, Yeun will be playing Glenn in the Walking Dead. I am a big fan of this series and glad to see what looks to be a great choice for Glenn (a non-stereotypical Asian character). The Walking Dead premieres on AMC October 31st. I can't wait. (h/t Angry Asian Man)

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Richard Cohen Loves Him Some Sexual Harassment

Your asshat of the day ladies and gentlemen, Richard Cohen of the Washington "Woah girl you lookin Good" Post. Disgusting is an apt word for such behavior. Pig-headed a close second.

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Chicago's Best Chinese Food

Watched this the other night and was salivating at the teevee screen. Over the last three days I have had at least one bao. Why? Cuz that's how I roll.

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Ninja Thought

White People Scare Reason #187

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Tonight is the last Drinking Liberally before the Mid-Term Elections! So get your Patriotic Pints, your Freedom Fries and your Liberty Lagers and hike over to Sheffield's at 3258 N. Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL. It starts at 7pm and as you can see above we have a lot to discuss. WTF Kentuckians? A little back story, this is a satirist/activist in affiliation with under the guise of RepubliCorp. She was there to give Rand Paul an "Employee of the Month" award for his pro-corporation stance on pretty much everything. Violence is what she got in response. Since the incident Rand Paul has released a "both sides" nonsensical statement saying he hopes the woman is okay. Classy. I hope this wakes up voters in Kentucky and brings much needed attention to the type of vitriol hatred that has been spewed (and catered to by rw pundits) of late. Right wing extremism in America isn't a one off thing, it has been around since the dawn of our country. It's disgusting and the man who did the stomping deserves nothing less than a nice sentence in "pound me in the ass" prison.

Here are your highlights:

Contest: Make Your Own Evil Chinese Professor Ad, apparently the ad is Michael Bay's fault. Not surprised...

Bush Vindicated! WMD's & Saddam Hussein lies resurface

Casual Observation

Rahm for the Win - Jesse Jackson Jr. will not run for mayor

Sharron Angle wants Nevada residents to "Fear the Brown People"

Despite corporations buying elections nationwide, the Dems are closing the gap. A week to go, GET OUT AND VOTE PEOPLE!!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Bipartisan Ship Please Make a Stop by Mitch McConnell's House

Mitch "Future Ultimo Senate Leader Extraordinaire" McConnell, Jim Newell:

According to Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, "The single most important thing that we," the Republicans hoping to retake Congress, "want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." Mitch! You're supposed to say "fix the economy."

Oh my Mitch you are giving me the vapors! How daring of you, I do declare!

As Greg Sargent astutely recognizes this comes as President Barack "Reach Across the Aisle of Denial" Obama is hoping for bipartisan freedom hugs. I am sure the Black Jimmy Carter appreciates this olive branch from McConnell...

When does the administration bonk its head against the Resolute desk long enough to realize the bipartisan ship will never sail?

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White Panther Party is Made of Lies

So remember when Mark Kirk was worried about "voter fraud" in "those kind of neighborhoods" well turns out he was full of it.

TPM reports:

Fears over the potential for voter fraud in Illinois -- where the state GOP has reportedly partnered with a variety of conservative organizations to recruit poll watchers -- have been "totally blown out of whack," Cook County Clerk David Orr tells TPMMuckraker.

Orr, a Democrat who was first elected as County Clerk in 1990, oversees elections in the suburban parts of Cook County. He said that poll watchers are an important part of the election process, so long as they follow the rules.

"Poll watchers are good. You have to separate the fact that it's good for campaigns, it's good for the body politic to have people there that are watching, I think that's important," Orr told TPMMuckraker on Friday. "The only problem comes if people abuse that, and we've certainly seen that in the past. We saw it in the last presidential election, we saw it in Michigan."

"What some people have done -- particularly Republicans in the past few years -- is challenge people because of their race or ethnicity, and that is clearly illegal," Orr added.

While the Daily Caller reported on Friday that the director of elections for Cook County -- who Orr oversees -- warned that voter fraud could be a problem, Orr said that characterization of the memo "is not particularly accurate." They always put out a notice ahead of elections reminding candidates and campaigns of the rules, Orr said.

The race has opened up in the latest polls for Kirk and of course since Chicago is full of machine politicians Orr can't be trusted; he obviously has a vendetta against freedom. We are already seeing a week out the beginnings of GOP excuses if they don't take both the House and the Senate. There is a confused America out there, not one trying to intimidate voters or fraud an election. Speaking of fraud in an election, shadow donors...oh wait quick ----> over there!

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Ninja Thought

Same as it ever was

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Football!!! Wow, what a crazy football filled weekend! Frankly, I am exhausted. The Illini game included a chili cook-off which was nom nom delicious and the Bears v. Redskins game included well...I guess you would call it a "football game." Nevertheless I haven't had this much football fun in a while and was more than happy to take the WIN! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!! Seriously the worst football game I have ever seen live, both sides didn't seem like they wanted to win. How many turnovers were there? Those were Pro Bowl quarterbacks back there? Offensive lines are supposed to block? Cutler hearts DeAngelo Hall? Special thanks again goes to my lady and her friends who allowed us to tag along and were great hosts to a Redskins fan. It was my first game this year. I am hoping to catch more as long as the game is more fundamentally sound. Heck the Illini game was more fundamentally sound than the Bears v. Redskins! Oh well Detroit is next, bring it!

Here are your highlights:

The Troubling Reality of the Cash Flow

Legalize It! Legalized Pot's Surprising Supporters: Moms and Cops

Big WOWO dissects the "Chinese Professor Ad"

Confidence....Chicago Fed says economy slowed further in September

What's going on in Colorado is kind of funny

Wikileaks released mounds of information about the truth untold of the Iraq War. The amount of civilian deaths are quite higher than previously reported. What is pathetic is that instead of focusing on the documents and their atrocities, we have a media obsessed with the man who released them. They are all too willing to do the dirty work of the irresponsible administration involved. Nixon would be proud.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Have an "Amazing" Weekend

My day was shut off by the "Chinese Professor ad" which at the moment I am restraining from writing in full about. Angry Asian Man has his take here. Also note how this Yellow Peril Asian is not only threatening/menacing, but he is singing. HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS!

This weekend is football centric thanks to my amazing lady. Light blogging will ensue. Rage on my fellow ragers. Rage on.

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Not a Fair Fight

Greg Sargent for the win today, as he compiled a list of outside conservative and liberal organizations undisclosed donors spending on this year's election.

The stark contrast shows the true effect of the Citizens United ruling. It's a free market election and its getting bought right in front our faces:


American Action Network: $4,930,690

American Future Fund: $13,829,863

Americans for Job Security: $5,833,469

Americans for Limited Government: $705,045

Americans for Tax Reform: $3,545,412

Center for Individual Freedom: $1,886,869

Crossroads GPS: $11,484,016

Ending Spending Fund: $1,150,000

Revere America: $1,539,048

60 Plus Association: $5,574,166

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: $23,644,188

Republican Jewish Coalition: $610,590

Total: $74,733,356


Working America: $2,005,965

VoteVets Action Fund: $1,869,086

Defenders of Wildlife: $1,094,188

NARAL Pro Choice America: $281,951

National Wildlife Federation Action Fund: $278,835

CSS Action Fund: $1,377,680

Communication Workers of America: $1,174,194

Sierra Club: $296,059

Our Future Ohio PAC: $1,711,283

United Mine Workers of America Power PAC: $315,905

Total: $9,868,057

The fact that there are races that are close should be a testament to a moderately progressive victory. However, as Booman points out, it's potentially the beginning of something far worse.

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Here's Your "Confidence"

I think this is all according to their plan (h/t Ezra Klein). Want to know why Dems are struggling this mid-term? They haven't done enough to turn this around. It's the economy stupid and many people feel it weights heavily in favor of the rich.

Which leads me to this: If you have any temptation to vote for Republicans believing this will change under their rule, you are sorely mistaken. Recall it was their idea in the first place.

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Ninja Thought

"It doesn't have to do with race. It's that you hate Freedom, your race just makes me more racisty."

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Friday is here! And as the day goes I will be raging as normal, you better believe it. Tonight the lady and I will be heading off to Central Illinois and the tomorrow is Illinois homecoming. Our previous plan was to sit in the parking lot and just tailgate, but that has changed. Apparently lady's dad purchased us tickets, so we will be going to the game. ILL-INI! It's a football weekend as I said because the Redskins are coming to Chicago! FRANK IS GOING TO RAGE!! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! I have never a) been to Soldier Field and b) seen the Bears play, needless to say I will be the one Redskins fan in the stands. Pray for me. In completely unrelated news the video above is rather amazing. As much flack Obama gets from the LGBT community, the fact that he did this video should say a lot. Thank you Mr. President.

Here are your highlights:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Dirty Filth Money

New to Chicago: The Apple Stop

Dick Armey begins the right-wing meme

You know that nonsense about the Health Care Reform Repeal. Well it's nonsense.

Scientists Find Water on the Moon

Elections, elections, elections. Early voting has been strong thus far, but I am wary of the Democrats chances nationwide. There is no Democratic emerging majority as previously thought, the battle for sanity is going to be a long one.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

How The World Views the U.S. - Sad Face Edition

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire:

Headline of the Day

"Obama cancels trip because Americans can't tell Sikhs from Muslims."

-- From a story in Canada's National Post commenting on the White House canceling a visit to India's Golden Temple because of the headgear required for all visitors.

Sad, but so f-in true. Especially with the recent Juan Williams nonsense. I fear for our country's sanity, I really do. I know I'm not that old, but I do recall a time when the rest of the world didn't use our idiocy as cannon fodder. *Sigh

I am Frank Chow and wah wah

Ninja Thought

Burning one 134 down.

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Democrats Reading Rick Perlstein

Would have made this upcoming election a lot easier to stomach. By reading Perlstein, the Democrats might have learned something from their past, avoided their tepid approaches to governance and gone big.

Oh well. Here's to staving off complete control of both the House and Senate! Shut down! Shut down! Shut down! When does Speaker of the House Boehner repeal the "tan tax?" Important issues will be addressed!

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Facts About Cancer

Facts About Cancer
Via: Radiology Technician Schools

Special thanks to Pajama Pundit. Sometimes it takes pictures to convey the devastation of cancer. I know my family still has the scars.

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What the Banks Touched they Destroyed

Simon Johnson has a great post outlying our current foreclosure crisis and offers a reasonable way to address it:

The only fair, reasonable, and safe way to handle this situation is to order a fresh round of stress tests for all systemically important financial institutions. The stress scenario should consider not just the current dismal macroeconomic prognosis (and the potential for another slip back into recession) but also the downside with regard to litigation losses.

If the Financial Stability Oversight Council refuses to act decisively in this regard, a vital piece of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms will have failed.

Elizabeth Warren might be the most important appointment of Obama's entire presidency when this mess is done.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Oh Thursday why can't you be more like Friday. I could then be basking in the warmth of a snuggie while sipping on a brew and watching football. ILL-INI! The lady and I are making a short trip to tailgate/see her niece and can't wait. In addition, there has been a NEW ADDITION to the Lady's family. Congrats to her cousin on their new born son. Hooray for babies! Everywhere babies! Luckily there is no pressure yet coming from any angle for the lady and I to settle down and start our own spawn. We can wait. So football, football and football. In other news I start physical therapy next week for an injury to my hip. Most Monday's and Friday's for about a month will have sucky blogging (no different from the norm). Apologies beforehand.

Here are your highlights:

Why breasts are key to the future of regenerative medicine

Nah-nah goodbye. Juan Williams fired from NPR for his stupid remarks. Have fun on Faux News folding to every right-wing talking point!

Can we just all admit that the Blue Dogs have their tails between their legs around Nancy Pelosi? And now that party majority is in jeopardy they act like they have stones. Weak machismo.

Clarence Thomas Ethics Probe

Unemployment: Still high

I read this article this morning and literally was dumbfounded. Climate Change Doubt is Tea Party Article of Faith

This says it all:

“It’s a flat-out lie,” Mr. Dennison said in an interview after the debate, adding that he had based his view on the preaching of Rush Limbaugh and the teaching of Scripture. “I read my Bible,” Mr. Dennison said. “He made this earth for us to utilize.”


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contempt for Facts

The Fox News reaction to a discussion about income disparity in America. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

More from Steven Benen:

If you even mention the gap between rich and poor, the Republican response is knee-jerk: socialism. It doesn't matter what these income disparities mean for the economy, for our social fabric, for Americans' ability to get ahead -- what matters is making sure no one is even allowed to consider this an issue worth addressing.

I have mentioned this before, but no wonder why people have no idea that Obama cut taxes for the majority of Americans. It's a foxinating world.

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Thank You Jamie Kilstein

For my fellow comedians, this is thing of beauty. It isn't often that a comedian is so brutally honest with a heckler while being refreshingly funny.

More of Jamie Kilstein at We Are Citizen Radio.

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Ninja Thought

Austerely stupid.

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Meet Virginia Continued

You see kids, black people liked being slaves and wanted to defend the right of Confederates everywhere to enslave them.

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Already? Am I still jet lagged? Perhaps. The lady and I went over our pictures of San Fran and I will certainly share some later. What a weekend. We really did squeeze in lot of great eats along the way. Did I mention my sister was a bad ass? Yes, yes I did. It's already Wednesday and I have yet to accomplish a thing. Oh well. This weekend is a football extravaganza! We are heading to the University of Illinois for homecoming followed by Redskins v. Bears!! That's right, I have the best lady ever (who has awesome friends who gives us a hook up) so we will be at Solider Field yelling Hail to the Redskins! It's gonna be a good one, especially with our road record...why do we have to play down to the level of our opponents?!

Here are your highlights:

DOJ probing voter intimidation in Texas. White Panther Party!!

Saw this on the tube while flipping channels. My jaw dropped. Damn cold Britain, cold.

Tribune CEO goes out with a bang

I am wearing a purple polo. "Tomorrow will be better"

Austan Goolsbee bad ass

The debate that wasn't? Kirk and Giannoulias go tit for tat on the "who do you trust?" meme, but the thing Alexi needs to hammer home is the Reality Check of Mark Kirk Republican in the Senate. It's economically disastrous.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sign of The Gaypocalypse

It's beginning, start tasting the rainbow folks...

Raw Story:

Military recruiters told to accept gay applicants, as gov't appeals court decision

A Pentagon spokeswoman says recruiters have been told that they must accept gay applicants, following a federal court decision striking down the ban on gays serving openly in the military.

Spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said Tuesday that top-level guidance has been issued to recruiting commands informing them that the military's "don't ask, don't tell" rule has been suspended for now. Recruiters also have been told to inform potential recruits that the moratorium could be reversed at any point.

Last week, a federal judge ordered the military to stop enforcing the 1993 law banning openly gay service members. The Justice Department is appealing the decision and has asked for a temporary stay.

U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips said Monday that she was leaning towards denying that stay.

Great there goes the marriage and G.I. Joe. What's next they are going to try to have the right to vote...wait they can vote?! We allow teh gay to vote?! Aw shit well at least I can watch Ellen in some peace knowing...she's gay?! WTF?! Man they are ruining everything. Well at least Elton John's music is safe from this impure filth...what? Him too! Aww fugg it.

Gays with guns. I can't think of anything more frightening to our enemies.

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Sully is Blessed by Cole

John Cole eviscerates Andrew Sullivan on the idea that the "rich bless everyone of us." I would've been much harsher on this, but that is why Cole is linked to and I just say simple things like "Sully you asshat, STFU." Class warfare has historically been a top down war. The rich can't be bothered with the idea that the poor and middle class deserve to breathe the same air.

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Ninja Thought

Damnnnnnn, TBogg that's cold.

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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It's Tuesday right? What a trip!!! Lil Sis Frank ran 26.2 miles and broke her own personal record at just above 4 hours. Despite rain, a troublesome course and the fact that she was running 26.2 miles, SHE DID IT! (not gonna lie, I was a little choked up and so proud of her). Seeing her cross the finish line made the total of 9 combined hours of flying worth it. The lady and I also were able to have some lovely one on one time. Hitting up delicious Chinese Dim Sum at one of the oldest joints in town, a lovely Mexican gem and a breakfast homestlye diner the next morning. We definitely spent a little too much cash...oh well when in Rome right?! I am exhausted, not as much as my sister, but the lady and I are excited to go back to San time when we are filthy rich and can afford all that we would like to do. I will post pictures today or tomorrow depending on Blogger maintenance. Hope you hippies are ready for an election day battle!

Here are your highlights:

None of this Makes Any Sense
- Rachel Maddow takes down the "concerted theme" of the right-wing. Extremists, but not one message among them.

Jobs, jobs, jobs we need them to spur our ecnomy. Industrial production down .2%

Quade signs two-year deal with Cubs

You haven't heard about it, but Sestak is closing strong Toomey

BLOG AGAINST THEOCRACY! O'Donnell doesn't get separation of Church and State

Halloween they it is supposed to be done!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off to San Fran

Thanks for all the great advice from foodies and friends alike. Hooray for Lil Sis Frank!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Why Mayor Bloomberg Should Never Be President

During possibly the worst recession in our nation's history. He gives the key to the city to Ralph Lauren, retailer to the uber-rich. Hey at least with the store opening there will be new jobs right...

The storefront not exactly tactful eh?

The recession never existed in the first place to the billionaire boys club. We just don't get it. They bless us, every one of them.

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Mark Kirk Don't Trust Him With "Your Left Shoe"

The latest ad from Alexi, rather effective if you ask me. Mark Kirk is the kind of career politician we don't need in office. The Senate must stand its ground against the probability of having Tea Party members with voting power. Alexi will offer that. Illinois needs a Senator who is looking out for our needs, not his own.

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From the Mix Tape - Alexisonfire

Yes, they are Canadians. New LP will be out Nov 2.

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Do Tell About Don't Ask Don't Tell

The Rachel Maddow show had Walter Dellinger, former solicitor general under President Clinton on and he explained the reasoning behind President Obama's big picture thinking. Interesting stuff for those who currently want to burn the WH down for the DADT appeal.

The Rachel Maddow Show explains what this all means right now:

Dellinger says the White House should appeal the ruling and at the same time tell the court that it believes Don't Ask, Don't Tell is unconstitutional. That way, he argues, President Obama can actually appeal the ruling in the interest of ending the policy. In the meantime, the military has stopped pursuing investigations and discharges under Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The recruiting stations we talked to yesterday said they'd received no guidance on whether openly gay people could join the military now. But at least the active-duty troops facing the end of their careers can breathe a little easier. For now.

Makes sense to me. Watch for Dellinger's explanation as he elaborates on how not appealing could enable Republican presidents in the future.

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

B.O.B & Hayley Williams - Airplanes from murat52 on Vimeo.

Tomorrow the lady and I will be in San Francisco! I AM PSYCHED! As I stated I am going to cheer on Lil Sis Frank run the marathon, her second one and may or may not cry when I see her cross the finish line (I practically raised the girl). Thanks for those who offered up places to visit, apparently San Fran has some good pizza...who knew? I am planning on getting the last couple of trades of the Walking Dead and finishing those up on the four hour flight. We are happy to get away as the stress of late has been mounting. Hopefully when I get back the RAGE will be on because it is election time ladies and gents. Please no 1994.

Here are your highlights:

Bernanke: Wrestling with the size of aid

The real Mark Kirk, who is this guy? A bipartisan workman, a liar or a just career corporatecrat?

Throw the Book at her!
The right-wing wants to try to take down Michelle Obama....good luck with that

This hits home. Two tales show banks's role in prolonging the mortgage crisis

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- with Paddy K & Frank Chow (shameless plug)

Steve Benen explains the Fox News meme that "all terrorists are Muslims." Expect time after time, even recently, they have not been. A scattered amount of Timothy McVeigh wannabes have been popping up before and since Obama was elected. Yet the meme is sticking according to the Hill which posted an erroneous poll saying people believe "The Left" is more extreme. As Booman points out that's just bullshit. I suggest the news start watching more closely.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

San Fran Suggestions

So the lady and I are heading to San Fran on Saturday morning. We have both been a couple of times and are looking for some new suggestions while we are out there.

I was planning on hitting up at least one of the "Best Thing I Ever Ate" joints, only other required visit is Chinatown.

Anybody have any favorite places, stomping grounds, etc? Let us know!



Ninja Thought

It only draws attention if you throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the Target aisle.

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You Know You've Made It When

You get sued. Paramore welcome to the big leagues! (file under stuff most people don't care about, but still funny). The song in dispute is "The Only Exception."

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What Republicans Stand For...the Rich


This week, Republican House Whip Eric Cantor appeared on the Daily Show. An interesting and (relatively) honest moment occurred, at about 4:35, when Stewart asked Cantor to define his party's philosophy. Cantor began by talking about immigrants who came to America and worked their way up, and then wound up to this point:

That’s what America’s about. It’s about providing an even playing field for opportunity, not the government sitting here saying, ‘This person here’s too successful, this one’s not, I’m gonna take from this one and give to that one.’ That’s the principle. It’s earned success.

That is indeed the heart of what Republicans believe. They believe that all success is earned success. They do not believe that luck or life circumstance play an important part in economic success. They believe that wealth and poverty are essentially moral categories, interchangeable with "hard work" and "sloth." They decry government, but they don't really oppose government per se. They oppose those government functions that transfer resources from the rich to the non-rich.

It's not about limited gubbament, or stopping socialism. It's about "for me not for thee." The Republicans only care about the rich. Plain and simple. I can't find another reason, in these trying times, to NOT vote for the Republican candidate.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Yesterday was hectic and all over the place, but I made it to my audition thanks to my trusty phone with GPS. I even arrived early enough to relax, focus on my sides (term for segments of script) and rock it out. All right so I didn't quite rock it out, however it did go well. Of's an you never know. In other news the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown is now available on ITunes! We are worthy of the ITunes overlords. Thanks for those who have thus far taken time out to listen again you can email us at This weekend the lady and me are heading to San Fran. Lil Sis Frank is running the marathon and we will be there to cheer her on (special thanks to my lady for booking this lovely trip months in advance w/o which this amazing occasion wouldn't be possible.) Election day is around the corner, don't forget you can vote early!

Here are your highlights:

Chamber of Commerce's foreign money isn't funny's this for bankrupting our children? Tea Party Frontrunner: Abolish Public Schools

A harsh spotlight in Delaware

Structural? The Fed on Unemployment

Halloween Nerd Style!

Such Conspiratorial Talk Should be Mocked - Henry Paulson would like everyone to forget he ever had his hands in the entire downfall of our economy while making massive profits for Goldman Sachs. Pssst he also got them some extra dough in the bailouts. I believe they call that rigging the game...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Out in the Middle of Nowhere, IL. Almost certain that's where David Brooks lives...


Ninja Thought


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If You Thought Mortgages Were Messed Up Before

Felix Salmon:

You thought the foreclosure mess was bad? You’re right about that. But it gets so much worse once you start adding in a whole bunch of parallel messes in the world of mortgage bonds. For instance, as Tracy Alloway says, mortgage-bond documentation generally says that if more than a minuscule proportion of notes in a mortgage pool weren’t properly transferred, then the trustee for the bondholders can force the investment bank who put the deal together to repurchase the mortgages. And it’s looking very much as though none of the notes were properly transferred.

But that’s not even the biggest potential problem facing the investment banks who put these deals together. It also turns out that there’s a pretty strong case that they lied to the investors in many if not most of these deals.

There's more and it is rather appalling. As Salmon states, "It’s going to be a very long time, I think, before the banking system is going to be free and clear of the nightmare it created during the boom."

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Update: They don't f-in care, don't take responsibility and can't wait to start foreclosing on asses:

Analyst: The foreclosure suspension, it's a matter of weeks instead of months, did I hear you say that?

JPM: No. I didn't say weeks to clean up the files. We actually have to have little in depth conversations with regulators and AGs and stuff like that. So I don't know exactly when. I'm hopeful that it all starts to move at one point. I don't know if it's going to be three weeks or five. But I think it will be a real shame if we don't get this resolved and moving again.

Analyst: In all likelihood you should be allowed to foreclose as we go into next year.

JPM: I hope so. It's not up to me.

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

It is here! The first episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown podcast with Paddy K and Frank Chow. You can follow us on our site and listen to the episode there as well. We also added links that correlate with our conversation as points of reference. Don't forget to send us emails at with feedback, criticism, praise and whatever pops in your head. We look forward to hearing from you. Last, but certainly not least the Heartland Cafe still needs help, but it was great to see so many turn out in support for the great community that is the Heartland. Best of luck to them and their family!

Here are your highlights:

Mark Kirk sends polls "watchers" to Black neighborhoods

Hooray legal system! Judge orders halt of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - why this is an opportunity to stick it to the WH, I will never know...

Eminem and Whiteness

Cool! Steam Punk Iron Man

Help us Ben Bernanke, you are our only hope -perhaps Japan's lost decade won't be America's?

The Chilean rescue is underway, a feel good story amongst much doom and gloom. Somehow though Michelle Malkin found a way to not only politicize it, but attack Obama with it....and she wonders why we call her a wingnut?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why I Vote: So GOP Senate Candidate Mark Kirk Doesn't Win

Josh Marshall:

Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk caught on tape discussing his plan to send "voter integrity" squads to four predominantly African-American Chicago neighborhoods on election day. Kirk calls them "vulnerable precincts ... where the other side might be tempted to jigger the numbers somewhat."

As we and of course many others have been reporting for years, there's little if any evidence of systematic vote fraud in the United States today. Most of the 'voter integrity' agitprop has one real aim: reducing minority voting, especially blacks and hispanics.

As Josh says, "Because that's what they do." This is the real Mark Kirk; a lying, Bush protege, and politics as usual Republican. He won't do a thing once elected to turn around the economy. He won't reduce spending, he won't bring jobs to Illinois, his record should speak for itself. Wake up, Illinois! Mark Kirk is not a respectable candidate for Senate, if you couldn't tell from the above nonsense.

Alexi Giannoulias, is Kirk's opponent, visit his site and keep Mark Kirk out of the Senate.

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The Trans-Atlantic Throwdown

I am psyched to share with you the project I have been hyping up for a month or so...finally. The Trans-Atlantic Throwdown podcast with Paddy K and Frank Chow.

A little bit of the back story:

Paddy K and Frank Chow are two friends who go way back. About fifteen years ago, in the sprawling Virginia suburbs south of Washington, DC, a teenaged fanboy Paddy drew comic-book-inspired campaign posters for aspiring class representative Frank. What do superheroes have to do with student government? Absolutely nothing, but a strong friendship was born that day. Things have changed a lot since then: Frank studied theater and psychology in college and ended up on the stand-up comedy circuit in Chicago; Paddy studied economics, did some time in the Army, married an Irish girl and now lives in Dublin. Working as cubicle monkeys in 9 to 5 jobs, Paddy and Frank found themselves ranting at each other via Gchat on a daily basis and finally decided that rather than just typing about it, why not record the rage and share it with the internets? The Trans-Atlantic Throwdown was born.

The podcast is focused on politics, pints and underground rock.

If all goes according to plan you will be able to stream and download the first episode tomorrow morning. We are excited to start this project which will hopefully, going forward, be a weekly thing (schedules permitting).

You can listen and follow us on our site, for updates and streaming. You can also follow us on Twitter at and "Like" our Fanpage on Facebook. Eventually you will also be able to get the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown podcast from ITunes, as long as the corporate overlords find us acceptable.

Can't wait to share. Stay tuned, it's almost time to Throwdown!

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Can't Blame China for Everything that Sucks

Robert Dreyfuss of the Nation:

If you've read my recent cover story for The Nation magazine, "China in the Driver's Seat," you know that I'm not a supporter of sanctioning China over its trade policy and that I think there's a troubling tendency in the United States today to blame or scapegoat China for America's ills. There is, unfortunately, a convergence of left and right on bashing China these days. On the left, criticism of China mostly revolves around allegations that China is somehow responsible for the loss of American manufacturing jobs over the past quarter-century, and that slapping harsh tariffs on China would make US-manufactured goods competitive again. On the right, the concern about China has more to do with China's emergence as a great power, complete with dire warnings from Washington think tanks, Republican politicians and neoconservative media outlets about Chinese military spending.

Now, according to the New York Times, China is becoming an issue in the 2010 election, with both Republicans and Democrats bashing Beijing in campaign ads and accusing opponents of kowtowing to the Chinese. This is dangerous nonsense, and it contains echoes—well, more than echoes of the cold war, when the "Who lost China?" debate fueled McCarthyism in the 1950s and fear of "Red China" built momentum for the war in Vietnam.

Read both of Dreyfuss's posts and he makes a compelling argument. With rising anxieties across our country, playing politics with a foreign ally can be disastrous. This reeks of the "Yellow Peril" of old, one the Nation was a party to back in the early 1900's. Suffice it to say, America needs to focus more on the 11.5 million jobs short, green initiatives and high speed rail...instead of so many efforts to "contain" China.

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Forward all thrusters! Tonight is Drink Liberally & Save the Heartland! I will be a little late to the get together, but will definitely be making an appearance in support of the No Exit Cafe and Heartland Cafe. Don't forget it runs all night and they need our help! This morning did not start well. Did not go well and thus far is continuing to suck barrs. Woke up late, then went to finish off the some work that needed to be done....pfft. Errors. Teh internet hates me. Oh well. It's only Tuesday. The lady and I go to San Fran Saturday to cheer on my little sister as she runs the marathon. Yes the fuggin marathon! What a champ!

Here are your highlights:

Um Sharron Angle makes up cities too - Anyone voting GOP this fall seriously needs to start paying attention or someone who deserves the ruin these morons will bring to Congress

Vote Early! Illinois kicks off Early-voting

Shadow banking robbing our elections

You peons, See the Economy is Fine


A glimmer of hope amongst negativity in our world. The Chilean Miners on the brink of rescue. Prayers for a safe extraction of every single one of these brave miners.