Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Going Back To VA

Heading to airport to catch a plane for this weekend's festivities.


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Ed Wang pens deal with the Buffalo Bills


Offensive Tackle Ed Wang signed a deal with the team Thursday. The terms were not disclosed.

Wang started 36-games during his career at Virginia Tech. He's a 6-5, 301 pound offensive lineman who was second team All ACC last year.

Wang is the first Chinese-American player drafted into the NFL. The Bills have been working him at left tackle during their offseason practices, and he's expected to be a backup on the offensive line this year.

Congrats and three cheers to Ed Wang for breaking through. I remember playing guard in Pop Warner as a kid and can only imagine what it would have been like seeing an Chinese-American offensive lineman get drafted. Hopefully Wang has a long and storied career while being a positive influence for others. KENO!

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Ninja Thought

Super-serious conservative border fence lovers meet a modern marvel, the BOLT CUTTER!

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A Different World

I don't know or care to know what world Erick Erickson lives in, but this screed about the Nikki Haley/Will Folks controversy is why I will never take him or RedState serious. It is just pure irrational emotion and don't get me wrong, I dig rage...

This, however is much different:

They’ve strung up Nikki Haley — skipping the issues, skipping the ethics, skipping experience, and going straight to calling her a whore. But they’ve shown nothing.

Lynching! The melodrama is unbearable. And of course if Will Folks was talking about an affair with Michelle Obama, Folks would be the savior of our country.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Well I am off to the DC metropolitan area tonight with my lady and my little sister. We all were lucky enough to book the same flight and will be converging on Chicago's Midway airport later today. Good news about this trip is I GOT MY MONEY! Yes the good ole gubbament gave me my refund. It wasn't all that much, but sure is nice to have in my dwindling bank account. Much to look forward to; seeing old friends, a wedding of a long time family friend, Virginia pollen , and hanging out with the family. I am psyched! It is gonna be a silly weekend.

Here are your highlights:

36 Points

It is called a military industrial complex. Any questions?

Unemployed still high...wonder when someone will notice....

The key to combating the Robot Apocalypse, BREAK THEIR FRIGGIN LEGS!

The GOP hates teh gay so much they won't support war funding. Zealots.

Blanche Lincoln brings the weak sauce

Operation "Top Kill" was implemented yesterday as an Armageddon type approach to stopping the BP oil spill. Early indicators are that is might be working...the damage has already been done though as an entire ecosystem seems to be damaged for good. Maybe now we can get comprehensive energy policy passed. This just in: BP & the WH has their scapegoat


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unmitigated Rage

James Kwak over at Baseline Scenario defines rage with this rant:

Wall Street CEOs like to think they are the adults, the big men in the room, the ones who know how the world works. Well, you know what? They screwed up their own banks, the financial system, and the economy like a bunch of two-year-olds. Every single major bank would have failed in late 2008 without massive government intervention — because of wounds that were entirely self-inflicted. (Citigroup: holding onto hundreds of billions of dollars of its own toxic waste. Bank of America: paying $50 billion for an investment bank that would have failed within three days. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs: levering up without a stable source of funding. Etc.) The financial crisis should have put to rest for a generation the idea that the big boys on Wall Street know what they’re doing and the politicians in Washington are a bunch of amateurs. Yet somehow the bankers came out of it with the same unshakable belief in their own perfection that they had in 2005. The only plausible explanation is some kind of powerful personality disorder.

The bankers also have this bizarre belief that the administration has somehow betrayed them — that this year’s supposed shift to the left constituted reneging on some kind of deal. But there have to be two parties to a deal — and what did the banks do for Obama? They didn’t put in place any kind of self-regulation — not when it comes to compensation, capital, risk management, securitization, derivatives, or anything. They didn’t cut back bonuses to merely outrageous levels, although Goldman did decide not to pay itself record bonuses when it could have. They fought the stress tests all the way to the end, too blind to realize that the stress tests, and the government guarantee they implied, were the key to their salvation.

Read the whole thing, it is ragetastic and I couldn't agree more. (h/t Kevin Drum)

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Ninja Thought

People save text messages

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In a State of Ugh

Paul Krugman states there is a "Reason for Despair":

It’s depressing: shibboleths and conventional wisdom are blocking all routes out of this slump. And I worry that policy makers will just sit there, for years and years, all the while congratulating themselves on the soundness of their policies.

There really hasn't been a "recovery" as the papers, tv talking heads, Congress and the administration touts. They all however, are simply satisfied to pat themselves on the back because the rich are back to shopping. Wall St., although having its ups and downs, is not in complete disarray. And the ruling elite don't have to worry about their stock portfolios anymore. So job well done. Move along. The unemployed will eventually be dealt with by the Free Market Fairy. She works in such mysterious ways...

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Woah. 9% beer snuck up on me last night. We had a small group, but great conversations at last night's Drinking Liberally. There was great weather, so we sat outside and talked BP Oil Spill, the Damn Dems and left concluding yet again we are all screwed. Oh and that the Republican Party is full of complete and utter whack-jobs. One more day and then off to Washington D.C. and wedding time! I am personally working on my krumping, believe that!

Here are your highlights:

The Republicans "Speaking Out" campaign backfires with hilarity

Who does Rasmussen work for?

Bring on the Bank Tax

The lost cause of bipartisanship proved by the GOP

South Korea and North Korea on the brink of war...

Well if you want to know how far Arizona's Governor would like to is to infinity and BEYOND!! This might be the craziest thing I have read by a sitting Governor in a long long long time. Jan Brewer requested drone attacks for border control. Let me state that again, this is not a joke, DRONE ATTACKS FOR BORDER CONTROL!!! What kind of sick individual thinks that is a good idea. Apparently the paranoid and inept Governor of Arizona.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ninja Thought

Dear Obama stop feeding them or eventually they will all be starving for Mexican.

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More on the "War Forever"

McClatchy has an intriguing piece about the war in Afghanistan including quotes from General McChrystal and his quest to control Marjah.

This stood out to me:

There aren't enough U.S. and Afghan forces to provide the security that's needed to win the loyalty of wary locals. The Taliban have beheaded Afghans who cooperate with foreigners in a creeping intimidation campaign. The Afghan government hasn't dispatched enough local administrators or trained police to establish credible governance, and now the Taliban have begun their anticipated spring offensive.

"This is a bleeding ulcer right now," McChrystal told a group of Afghan officials, international commanders in southern Afghanistan and civilian strategists who are leading the effort to oust the Taliban fighters from Helmand.

"You don't feel it here," he said during a 10-hour front-line strategy review, "but I'll tell you, it's a bleeding ulcer outside."

Throughout the day, McChrystal expressed impatience with the pace of operations, echoing the mounting pressure he's under from his civilian bosses in Washington and Europe to start showing progress.

Doesn't sound promising, doesn't sound like it will ever end.

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Note: War Forever is a reference to No More Mister Nice Blog which I linked to earlier here.

This Guy Needs a Swift Kick in the Balls

PZ Myers over at Pharyngula found a disturbing post that showcases how disgusting males can be when left alone with their vilest and most base thoughts.

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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I am all but done with this week and it has just begun. I am going home this weekend with my lady for a wedding. We leave Thursday night, so today is my Wednesday if you know what I mean. I don't care to watch Idol (although I am picking DeWyze). I don't care to do work. I don't care, which is pretty much how the United States feels collectively about the oil spill. I really can't wrap my mind about it. Why more people aren't pissed off about how terrible the spill is...then I turned on the television set and saw Matt Lauer giving a "breaking" interview with the Salahis....that explains it all.

Here are your highlights:

War Forever

I am have been wondering about the Elephant in the Room

A Deal on the Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal

Worst part about Rand Paul is that he is from he is in pretty good shape


For all the so-called deficit hawks, a Chart for Dat Ass

Accountability is not lacking in this country anymore. It is non-existent. We are told not to look backwards, but look forwards. When are we ever going to learn?


Monday, May 24, 2010

HGH and a Sporting Question

Sally Jenkins offers an interesting take on the HGH controversy and our own moral dilemma:

When we crack down on "performance-enhancers," are we trying to preserve the integrity of the competition or the health of the athlete? Is it safer and ethically more acceptable to use HGH to heal from an injury than to use it as a muscle-builder? If so, why isn't the difference reflected in doping regulations? Rather than work all of this out, we've allowed the anti-doping authorities to lump all substances and all athletes who sample them, regardless of their motives, into one equally guilty party. That way we don't have to do any hard thinking.

Worth the read.

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Ninja Thought

The environment stands no chance in these conditions. P.S. We're all fucked.

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From the Mix Tape- Nada Surf

Behind every desire is another one waiting to be
liberated when the first one's sated

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It is NOT Terrorism When White Guys Do It

Or so the media and the Right would like one to believe. It is just another pack of "lone wolves" who have anti-government sentiments and target local law enforcement.

NY Times:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An antigovernment Ohio man who had had several run-ins with the police around the country was identified Friday as one of two people suspected of gunning down two officers during a traffic stop in Arkansas.

The Arkansas State Police on Friday identified the pair — killed Thursday during an exchange of gunfire with the police — as Jerry R. Kane Jr., 45, of Forest, Ohio, and his son Joseph T. Kane, believed to be 16.

About 90 minutes before the shootout with the police, Sgt. Brandon Paudert, 39, and Officer Bill Evans, 38, were killed with AK-47 assault rifles after stopping a minivan on Interstate 40 in West Memphis, Ark., the authorities said.

Sounds like another case we all know well, the Beltway Snipers that had this country in a state of horror. Yet why don't we hear it characterized as terrorism by the Right? If this isn't an act of terrorism then I don't know what is. The Right would like everyone to close their eyes and ears to this, but it is apparent over the past year this is not an one off occurrence. Whether it is a religious fanatic family, a IRS hating pilot or militia members "protecting our freedoms" the extremism in this country is growing at an alarming rate.

So let's call a spade a spade here. Yes we do have the threat by Al Qaeda, but there is a growing threat to our nation and it is coming from within. They don't scream "Jihad!" and they don't love "Allah"; they are white guys with guns who harbor a deep seeded hatred and paranoia of government.

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Update: Talking Points Memo has more.

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wow that's a lot of family! Wow there were babies! Wow that Staples commercial is even annoying when typed. So the lady and I had a fantastically short, but lovely trip to Central Illinois. We were able to meet both newborn babies and enjoy time with her now exxxteeennnndedddd family. In other news my team lost, but they are young so we will live to fight another day! Oh and we signed Ribery another five years. This week will be hopefully quick. I am off to DC this weekend for a family friend's wedding. Toats pumped. And you know the lady and I will be cutting up the dancing floor!

Here are your highlights:

Financial Regulation still not enough

It won't and it can't, but someone please MAKE IT STOP!

When the WSJ debunks must be a hack

Yesterday, in case you missed it, was Happy Turtle Day

More anti-incumbent behavior from voters
. This time in Colorado. It is getting mismashed by the media, the trend however is that Republican voters are increasingly ousting incumbents with a tea party lack of substance, while Democratic voters are trying to find more progressive voices.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

People Will Be Kicking a Ball Around the Pitch

And I will be yelling, cheering on my squad. Oh and somewhere in there we will be visiting my lady's new family members; Baby Jack and Baby Caitlynn.


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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

All right, so I am super psyched for the Champions League final, thus in this edition of Friday Fashion Blogging. I bring you super fans. What does it take to really be part of the 12th Man Crew of Bayern Munich? Here are some ideas.

Mix of traditional Germany and stylish Munich

How about 80's throwback fandom?

For the ladies

The Uber Super Duper Fan. I am sure if there were mascots in the Champions League this "it" would win the prize.

I prefer the traditional route. Wear the jersey with some jeans and kicks. Keep it simple and glory will follow.

Have a great weekend!

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Stossel Goes Galt

STOSSEL: And I would go further than he was willing to go, as he just issued the statement, and say it's time now to repeal that part of the law

KELLY: What?

STOSSEL: because private businesses ought to get to discriminate. And I won't won't ever go to a place that's racist and I will tell everybody else not to and I'll speak against them. But it should be their right to be racist.

Freedom Markets! Let God sort em out.

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More on Rand Paul and His Ilk

It isn't that he posed a question or attempted to make an ideological stance. It is that he did so without thinking about what he supposedly believes. As Ta-Nehisi Coates points out, he failed to make the argument.


When I wake up in the morning to write, I don't think about how I can make the world "less racist." I think racism is a cancer, but I also believe in having the argument. I wonder about Brown vs. the Board. I wonder about housing desegregation in Detroit during the '50s, even as I have no better solutions.

What I'm driving at is raising the question about methods is never wrong, to the contrary it's essential. That process is undermined by people who raise those questions, without having thought about them, without being able to speak to their nuances, and are mostly concerned with tribal signaling. People were dragged from their homes, raped and murdered over civil rights. Talk about it, by all means. But talk about it with the intellectual seriousness it deserves. This is not a third grade science fair project.

Right. This applies to the Sarah Palin's of the world, her loyal followers and the Tax Tea Party movement as well. It is the embracing of sound bites and talking points over the substance and effectiveness of policy that corrodes our national discourse. Paul is but an insight to the more concerning issue at hand.

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Financial Reform Moving Forward

Financial reform passed the Senate. We all know that, Felix Salmon calls it "great news." I am not sold yet, as the bill moves to conference I do not see it becoming a stronger bill, but weaker. Salmon does, however make a historical point worth noting.


Of course, there are always things we’d like to see and which won’t make it into the final bill: the greatly-lamented part of the consumer protection agency which would force banks to offer plain-vanilla financial products is one, and Treasury will ensure that any limits on size or capital or leverage come out of Basel rather than out of Washington. (Me, I’d like to see a couple of basic rules or principles be put into US legislation, which would serve to backstop Basel.)

But as David Herszenhorn says, with this financial regulation bill joining health-care reform in becoming law, the Obama administration has managed to bag a couple of truly enormous elephants in its first 18 months or so in power. Is there any hope, now, that some sort of climate-change legislation might be next?

Now that is a whole lot of hope to jump to even with the BP Oil Spill, the Senate (and the nation for that matter) is underwhelmed with Climate-change in any fashion. After purveying the reform wrap-up of other analysts by Andrew Sullivan, I doubt that it is likely.

As with health care reform the immediate triumph of Financial Reform seems to be clouding the overall effect of the bill. The key questions I have are, does this protect the consumer? Will banks behave under more stringent regulatory standards? Is there any accountability for the crisis? Are the correct measures now in place to prevent another Great Recession? All of which, from what I can tell, the answer to is...sort of. This Congress had the opportunity to make a statement to the financial district and that they did not. That opportunity has now been laid forward for a future Congress to enact better policies, to "build" on the bill that has passed.

Till they do, I have a sinking feeling Wall St. will always find a way.

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Holy crap it's Friday and that means tomorrow is Bayern Munich vs. Inter Milan for the Champions League final! I am currently sitting at my desk wearing my jersey from a time long, long forgot. I am not gonna lie I am bandwagoner in the sense that my first exposure to Bayern Munich's storied history was when they last won the historic Champions League in 2001. I was studying abroad and made plans with my buddies to visit Munich and Prague. Our trip to Prague, however was canceled and we were lucky enough to bare witness to an entire city shut down for soccer. We partied, drank and celebrated Bayern Munich that night and I have been a loyal fan since. LET'S GO BAYERN. In other news I am heading off this weekend with my lady to Central Illinois again. This time to welcome two new little sprites to her family. I am hoping to introduce both to Bayern Munich!

Here are your highlights:

Financial Reform, They Did It. Question is will it be enough?

Audit Chicago, the Daley Administration shorting minority and female owned businesses

No surprise here, Conflict of interest in BP Oil Spill

London Mascots for the Olympics are WTF times a thousand

If you have Showtime, you should watch one of the greatest fight series of all time. Vazquez v. Marquez. Truly some of the best battles I have ever seen.

Paul Krugman asks if a "Lost Decade is Looming?" And he should know since he did write a book about it or two. I have been with this thought for sometime. Reading all the data is nice and academic of course, however the truth lies in unemployment and the state of the middle class. From what I can tell the Obama administration and especially Congress has moved on from all of it.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ninja Thought

At the heart of it, the Republican Party does not understand its "race problem."

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Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Up

Freedom Markets! This is not good at all.

The current level of 471,000 (and 4-week average of 453,500) is still high, and suggests ongoing weakness in the labor market.

More at Calculated Risk

Wonder when someone will notice and find this unsettling?

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Oil Ashore

(h/t Digby)

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Well it looks like the lady and I will be getting away for the weekend. We are planning on visiting her newborn niece and nephew (her brothers' wives had babies). It will be nice to get to see them and you know not be in Chicago for a weekend. Plus I am almost certain to enjoy her mother's coffee cake. IT IS AWESOME. In other news, I was major sick this morning and couldn't figure out why. Then it dawned on me...I took a pill this morning on an empty stomach. Ughhhh. Worst feeling ever. Luckily I had a granola bar in my backpack and there was no blowing chunks on the CTA. Crisis averted.

Here are your highlights:

Scientists 100,000 Gallons a day
. The BP Oil Spill the media networks want to paint BP as the good guy.

Don't Ask Don't Tell. Pelosi goes bold.

Sign this petition against the Arizona Law

This concerns me. AG in in PA going after critic from Twitter. He is trying to find out who is criticizing him from an anonymous...


Rand Paul not so sure about Civil Rights, but he loves Freedom Taxes. I have said this once and will say it again. Rand Paul is proof positive of an increasingly troubling trend of uninformed candidates that lean toward right wing extremism in the Republican Party. It is not looking to improve anytime soon.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guesswork *Cough I Mean Economics

This is not comforting.

Annie Lowery at the Washington Independent:

Sandra Pianalto, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, gave a speech explaining how she analyzes the economy and forecasting a long, slow recovery, given the unusually high unemployment rate and the massive numbers of long-term unemployed. In her highly dovish speech, she says she recognizes strong disinflationary, not inflationary, pressures and stresses the problem of joblessness. (The Fed’s inflation hawks tend to worry more about inflation than employment.)

Most interestingly, Pianalto argues that the analytical paradigm that led economists and policymakers to miss the credit and housing bubbles en masse remains in place — essentially saying that economics has not yet caught up with the economy and that her job remains an exercise in judgment and guesswork.

Shouldn't somebody, you know, do something about this...

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Ninja Thought


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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Damn. FML. And more of that. I took a much needed mental health day only for my day to start shit awful today. I am not sure when I will be able to a) not feel exhausted and b) get a real break, but I am hoping soon. There is so much going on that I would love to rant about, but certain reasons refrain me from disclosing information. Let's just say FML and that's that. Things could be here is a late and long overdue Dunkin for dat ass.

Here are your highlights:

Howard Dean sees good sign from last night's results

Chuck Grassley protecting the filthy rich which includes himself

Scooter Stroller for the Dad who doesn't want to admit he has a kid

Jump you fuckers!

A lesson in Right Wing Xtremism: Teacher in Alabama give a class on how to assassinate President Obama

The media wants to believe the "party purges" on both sides are the same. Last night's results were NOT what the Village says, more false equivalencies and more tired talking points. Steve Benen takes down the stupid.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mental Health Day

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Monday, May 17, 2010


I really don't feel like participating in the normal banter. Most of what I have read is genuinely uninteresting or underwhelming. Instead I am wishing I had found my Ipod this morning and was able to listen to either Chuck Ragan or The Snake The Cross The Crown.

It is nearly the end of May and we Chicagoans have no indication summer is beginning any time soon.

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Quote of the Day

"The United States faces a fundamental disconnect between the services that people expect the government to provide, particularly in the form of benefits for older Americans, and the tax revenues that people are willing to send to the government to finance those services."
-CBO Director Doug Elmendorf (h/t Ezra Klein)

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Ninja Thought

Every Miss USA should have her crown revoked for being a non-Muslim.

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Woaaah I am tired. My head is a pile of mush. Yesterday was awesome as I spent the majority of it acting, but I am exhausted. Like destroyed. See. I can't. Even. Type. Complete. Sentences. At. All. I was going to rant or vent about something this morning, at this moment though it escapes me what that was...

Here are your highlights:

INDOCTRINATING OUR CHILDREN!!! Texas textbooks debacle now wants kids to learn how to destroy Social Security and Medicare

"I don't have time for you" Class Warfare heats up

Al Gore is Fat

Maximum Rock and Roll
Iconic punk rock photos

Didn't get to see it, but apparently Amir Khan rocked the living crap out of Paulie Malignaggi

I have a new game and it is involves predicting the headlines for our media rags the day before. EJ Dionne has Tuesday's all lined up. "Both Parties Look to Purify!" "Baby born with three heads!"


Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

Call it a character study.

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Tell Me How I Take Them Seriously

The modern GOP ladies and gents. When Democrats in the House are trying to provide jobs in scientific research, the Republicans get porn happy.


In an example of Republican obstructionism rendered beautiful by its simplicity, the GOP yesterday killed a House bill that would increase funding for scientific research and math and science education by forcing Democrats to vote in favor of federal employees viewing pornography.

Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX), the ranking member of the House science committee, introduced a motion to recommit, a last-ditch effort to change a bill by sending it back to the committee with mandatory instructions.

In this case, Republicans included a provision that would bar the federal government from paying the salaries of employees who've been disciplined for viewing pornography at work.

To proceed with the bill and bring it to a final vote, Democrats would have had to vote against the motion to recommit, and against the porn ban.

But they didn't have the stomach for it, and 121 Democrats jumped ship and voted with Republicans to kill the bill.

"For anyone that is concerned about federal employees watching pornography, they just saw a pornographic movie. It's called; 'Motion to Recommit,'" Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) said. "It was a cynical effort to undermine an important bill for my 9-year-old daughter, for your kids and your grandkids."

Pressing issues. Unserious people. This is a mockery of our legislature and it is a wonderment that this kind of bullshit isn't pasted all over the headlines on every media outlet. Want to know why we have such high unemployment? Want to know why we have unprecedented foreclosures in this country? Want to know why schools across states are failing? Here is your answer. In broad fucking daylight and with a snickering from spoiled old men.

And here is what really sets me off...this bill is about science and research. It could lead to possible breakthroughs in dealing with catastrophes like the BP Oil Spill. Of course we know how hardcore presidential candidate Republicans feel about that.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Someone get me a beer.

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Update: Greg Sargent of the Plum Line points out voters don't care about GOP obstructionism. Well Greg this voter does, but yes the Dems aren't playing this part of the game too well. The policy should be highlighted as a benefit to the people and the GOP is obstructing the policy. It also doesn't help when papers and media outlets, such as Sargent's employer the WaPo among others, report the "political football" and not the substantive matter. I am sure the editorial staff like Climate Science Denier George Will will have plenty to say....plenty.

Music Break with Minus the Bear - My Time

I am so old I can remember when the lead singer of Minus the Bear was a clean shaven bloke. This video makes me smile.

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Ninja Thought

War supplemental code for "We need more Pew Pew!"

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

fun. - The Gambler on

This weekend is going to be busy! Like super busy. Lil Sis Frank is coming into town on Saturday. I am memorizing lines all weekend for a new project and then rocking out my acting skills (what little I may possess). Somewhere in there I have to get in at least four hours of workout time I missed throughout this week. Frank is not a tank right now if you know what I mean. On another note, ESPN is stupid. There analysis of Lebron James is pathetically immature, the dude is 25 his legacy is just beginning.

Here are your highlights:

The weekend Boxing round-up Khan is gonna be in there with a slick boxer, but a pillow puncher.

Good luck with that. NY Times to start charging in January.

Dorgan to filibuster?
The battle between him and Dodd is getting heated. Good for him, the time to seize the political capital on Financial Reform is now. Not "down the road."

Republicans need to read this, the political napalm that is Immigration Reform

Inhofe says US Soldiers won't die for their gay really

The number that should be on everyone's mind. 2 BILLION GALLONS. The BP Oil spill might be the biggest in history. Speculation yes, but it doesn't sound like the gaping wound is being stopped anytime soon. The recovering is going to be painstaking.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodwin Liu Passes Go

AP News (h/t TPM):

President Barack Obama's liberal pick for a San Francisco-based appeals court, Goodwin Liu (Loo), has survived his first Senate test but still faces strong Republican opposition.

The Judiciary Committee voted 12-7 on Thursday to recommend confirmation of the law professor and associate dean of the University of California law school at Berkeley.

Republicans have assailed Liu's liberal writings. The nominee, at an earlier hearing, testified that his personal views would never have a role if he's confirmed to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Another hurdle yet to climb. A special shout out to Asian Pacific Americans for Progress for involving activists to call the committee.

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Reality Check

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Anybody still want to protect big oil? Anybody really want to chant "Drill, baby drill!" An entire ecosystem is on the brink of being ruined and if they all go down they go down together. I am sure the fat cats and oil execs will just move their luxury homes to another beach yet to be destroyed be their own greed and petulant behavior. However it is not that easy for a third generation oyster farmer let alone the Gulf.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

So yesterday I got sick. Out of nowhere and honestly I still feel like crap. My stomach is queezy and I fear it is something worse than a 24 bug. This weekend I am heck of busy. Lil Sis Frank comes into to town on a school/business trip. I may or may not be involved in new project. Not to mention writing, acting, performing, running the world and most importantly NEW COMICS! I picked up Ex-Machina in trade format. I find the experience to be more fitting for the type of book it is and an awesome book at THAT. I was also given as a gift, Green Lantern: Rebirth, which filled in a little gap in my Hal Jordan time line. Must say it is a quite satisfying read.

Here are your highlights:

Flooding is hitting Illinois It's fugging Mid-May.

Why doesn't Washington D.C. care about the unemployed?

The Washington Post dives further into Politico territory

Criminal charges likely in Oil Spill

Arrrghhhhhhh. Strategery!

Primary losses for incumbents. It is a sheer sign that unless the Democrats seize opportunities and appeal to those still struggling. November will be a disaster and bring the most polarized Congress ever.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dolphins Wash Up on Shores

The BP Oil spill might actually become real now.


Federal wildlife officials are treating the deaths of six dolphins on the Gulf Coast as oil-related even though other factors may be to blame.

Blair Mase (MACE') of the National Marine Fisheries Service said Tuesday that the carcasses have all been found in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama since May 2. Samples have been sent for testing to see whether a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico helped kill the dolphins.

"So long and thanks for all the fish!" Let's hope Senators can rally around intelligent ways to provide energy other than drilling for freedom oil.

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Ninja Thought

For as long as I can remember the modern conservative movement has been run by unserious people in serious clothing.

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Kagan Must Adhere to the Kagan Standard

Dan Froomkin was a fly on the wall at Drinking Liberally last night.

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Drinking Liberally last night was full on liberal rage. It was fantastic. Beers clanked. Voices raised. I am almost certain someone puked in or around our vicinity before we even arrived (gotta love those hawks fans). All in all an at times heated discussion which inevitably lead to the conclusion that we are fucked. As a country. As citizens in this country. Teh crazy is too ridiculous and unfortunately Obama is not the trans-formative president needed to combat the onslaught of nuts. (insert sigh here) But we did have a jolly good time! Hooray for that and no worries we will stage rage the f on while consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

Here are your highlights:

Progressives are making headway in Financial Reform. Bout time.

Congrats to Chef Rick Bayless, who will be preparing the meals for the next White House state dinner. The lady and I were lucky enough to visit his restaurant Topolobampo in April. Amazing.

Did Obama choose himself for the Supreme Court?

Rep. Steve King gives cannon-fodder to anti-heterosexual activists

Media-duh, What Oil Spill?

Manny Pacquiao won his election and is electing to fight in November. Hopefully that is enough time for him and Mayweather to negotiate through their egos and make the biggest event in decades to occur. HOPEFULLY, it will be a monumental fight.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ninja Thought

Sen. Specter I believe it is officially time to retire

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W the Updated Movie Poster

The Japanese updated W's movie poster to be more "acurit". And that as they say is that. (h/t I Watch Stuff)

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Fed Audit

Passed the Senate 96-0.


The Senate today voted overwhelmingly to adopt an amendment, authored by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), forcing a comprehensive review of the Federal Reserve's emergency lending activities. The amendment passed by a 96-0 vote.

Though the measure was always popular, it faced extraordinary opposition from the White House, Wall Street and the Fed itself. Late last week, in a move that defused the opposition, and may have saved Wall Street reform legislation, Sanders agreed to limit the scope of the audit to emergency lending only, exempting other Fed activities.

That preserved the broad intent of the plan, which was always aimed at bringing the Fed's shadowy activities during the financial crisis into the daylight. Under the terms of the proposal, the Fed will also be required to make public which companies received upwards of $2 trillion in aide from the Fed, and under what terms.

There is an interesting interview with Dean Baker regarding the audit. There are many thoughts out there about whether the original drafted audit would have caused financial havoc on Wall St., however it might give us a better understanding of what the hell happened. A good thing in my opinion.

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Battle Royale. Tonight is going to be an epic battle of wonkdom. Drinking Liberally will pit Kagan skeptics vs. Kagan sympathizers vs. Booze. The winner takes all. Ok it really won't be epic. Nor will it be a battle royale, but it will be a fun filled debate. Remember Drinking Liberally Chicago is at Sheffield's on the North Side of Chi-City. 7pm is the start time, latras on the menjay...

Here are your highlights:

New Miranda Law? The terrorists are winning...sorry that's "conservatives"

The Tax Tea Party, still a joke

Untangling Europe's "Web of Debt" (h/t Paddy K)

It's heating up! Sestak and Specter the primary slugfest

Space Slug the oven mitt

More on Elena Kagan. A calm approach by Benen. Ed say Jane follow. And one of the more thorough analysis of Kagan by Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left. The guys there have also included more links, updates and pointed out a plus from her nomination. There has been an honest debate amongst progressives.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Ninja Thought

Rewarding the fuck-ups is now a worldly endeavor

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Nothingburger on Kagan

Kevin Drum, for the win, says, the conservative argument against Elena Kagan is a "nothingburger." Great phrase, interesting observation, "Easy Confirmation for Kagan?"

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Update: John Nichols at the Nation has a wrap of many criticisms and worries, but also intelligent insight to a important question we should ask of all nominees, "how do we restore check and balances?"

Get Your Dunkin Monday

This weekend went too fast, but was deeeeligghtful! My lady brought out the A game. I was treated to an amazing dinner at Blue 13, Dim Sum in Chinatown, a Shoreline Boat ride and we finished off the weekend with margaritas. Oh and the big surprise, we are going to the Cubs game tonight! ROCK ON! She really outdid herself. I also received a hilarious apron with a ridiculous picture of myself on it and the phrase "Iron Chef." Yup, the lady loooves my cooking. This week is going to be jam packed with events. Big things are around the corner, but I will have to let you all in on that for a later date. It is some secret ninja stuff. Worth the wait I promise.

Here are your highlights:

SCOTUS nominee is Elena Kagan. The case for her nomination. I would link to Greenwald, but I am about done with him.

WTF happened to Machida. He got KTFO.

Sex, Drugs & Teh Spill Krugman makes a case for good government

The very serious Defense spending cuts, Good Luck With That

1 TRILLION DOLLARS!!! The plan to save Greece, the Euro and the world has led to fast and frenzied day on Wall St. Will it be enough? Everyone sure hopes so.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

This weekend is the rematch of Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua. I pumped for the fight, but first I must say...Stop. Stop the atrocity now. It has been going on for too damn long. I am talking about Affliction or Affliction-type wear. I know, I know I am a total wuss for not juicing my pecs and wearing fabricated tattoos on taight tee shirts, but JESUS how is this still called fashion or stylish?
Inspired by your favorite MMA fighter. Don't do it. The dude is PAID to wear this monstrosity (although you couldn't pay me enough).

It doesn't say cool or hip. It says I need ROIDS! Or I will be the guy you wake up next to with a bad headache and morning full of regrets.

Flip flops? Really? REALLY!?!

Are these jeans or Frankenstein's legs?

This hat understates the message. Denim killers, noooo fashion and style killers.

And don't forget if you do choose to sport Affliction or its many copy cats. Well you might as well just head to the Shore.

SO in conclusion put down the Affliction, Rush, Juicy, Ed Hardy whatever it may be called. It's not sexy. It's not hip. It's fuggin awful. Save yourself the 80-100 bucks on a tee shirt with a Brock Lesnar-esque tattoo and thank me later.

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Ninja Thought

If on the day my high school was celebrating Chinese New Year (which I don't recall it ever doing) a group of students showed up wearing American flag tee shirts and bandannas; I would have thought "those kids want to fight."

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United We Don't Stand

Greg Sargent catches an increasingly disturbing trend amongst Republicans. If there is a terrorist attack, "there is an opportunity."


Whit Ayres is a prominent Republican pollster who has co-founded something called "Resurgent Republic," which bills itself as a message testing outfit for GOP lawmakers -- part of an effort by Republicans to build an infrastructure to retake power in Washington.

So it was interesting to see how Ayres characterized the politics of the Times Square bomb scare in an interview with Karen Tumulty and Paul Kane:

Two days after the dramatic arrest of Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad, Republicans were engaged in a full-bore effort to rewrite the good-news narrative.

Yes, we have been lucky," House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio) said Thursday, "but luck is not an effective strategy for fighting terrorism."

Whatever the merits of their argument -- and, where terrorism is concerned, it is prudent to keep cockiness at bay -- there is a political imperative at work as well.

"Democrats are always suspect on national security, and anything that makes them look weak on national security creates an opportunity for Republicans," said Whit Ayres, a GOP pollster.

Such candor! I can remember when it would have been controversial to suggest that a terror scare that could have killed many Americans presents one party with a political "opportunity."

To be fair, neither Boehner nor any other GOPers raising questions about the handling of the terror scare have gone anywhere near claming it represents good politics for Republicans, even if Boehner did say the suspect's capture was "lucky." But still, Aryes' assertion deserves some attention.

Ahem, I think the word is tyranny. That's the word the Republicans and Right used during the Bush era. If only the Democratic Party had a Rudy Giuliani out on the teevee blathering nonsensical without fact check. If only. Then maybe we could focus on combating terrorism instead of politically gaming our national security at every whim. If only.

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