Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jon Kyl The Hostage Taker

Adam Serwer on Sen. Jon Kyl holding the START treaty hostage:

It's not as though Kyl isn't aware of the risks of the U.S. not being able to monitor Russia's long-range nuclear weapons. It's just that he thinks making sure rich people get tax cuts is more important. In fact, it's appropriate to say at this point that of all Republicans' stated priorities--deficit reduction, hawkish foreign policy, a smaller welfare state--there is nothing that actually comes close to making sure the wealthy pay lower taxes.

Republicans are fortunate that, to a large degree, wealthy political elites share their priorities. In the event that Democrats pulled a similar stunt in order to say, extend government subsidized health insurance for low-income children, I'm pretty sure the intra-beltway shrieking would shatter every pane of glass in Washington DC.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you, the "modern" GOP.

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