Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Hump day ya'll! People are raging. People are foaming. People need to calm down. People need to throwdown. People need to get out. People need to stay in. It's a wild world we live in. And Frankly I love it. The Twitterverse has been a flame. There has been valid debate and some incendiary screeds in 140 characters. Forget about the papers, the historical reference of our time will be found on the internets. Tomorrow is the lady's work holiday party. I'm expecting debauchery. Other than that I can't wait for the weekend then it's only one more week of work left in the year!

Here are your highlights:

The Legacy of Elizabeth Edwards

DADT seems to stand a small chance in the lame duck

Beautiful irony: Ayn Rand schools shuts down because they couldn't get Federal Aid

Bankrupting Our Children. Education is not a product, I can't stress that enough and treating it as such is a detriment to our future.

Obama's silent majority

Wikileaks is alive and maybe well...Mastercard is the first of the "warned." I believe I've said this before, but Assange is merely the face of Wikileaks. There is an underground group of hackers who believe intensely that information should be readily and openly available. They won't stop at Mastercard and if you decide to "go after them" another will spring up. I don't think the government nor the media has any idea how to handle Anonymous and it's like.


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