Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Fuck today and yes I mean it. I'm feeling sick and I'm tired and my job is a pain in the arse. Why are people such miserable assholes on a daily basis? What happened to being nice to human beings? It's beyond me. It's no wonder the Republican Party was voted in, teh world has gone teh shit. RAAAAAGEEE! (throws desk, papers, blows his nose and then takes a sip of Ransom Gin why the heck not?!) And here's another thing, just because someone is friendly to you, jokes and acts "cool" with you doesn't make him a nice person if he is a bigoted, grumpy, asshat named John McCain; I'm looking at you Howard Kurtz.

Here are your highlights:

Strike two for the Health Care Reform Repealers

Wish I wrote this lead in: The Washington Lobotomy Factory Is In High Gear

Cantona (former Man-U star) has an idea to protest the bankers

Chicago! What's Your Favorite Place For Hot Wings?

Ben Bernanke warns of long term unemployment as Congress lets unemployment benefits expire

President meets with GOP. Bipartisan fairy bops everyone on the head. Poof. The next day the GOP says they will block all bills going forward unless it's what they want. Essentially they are holding Congress hostage. What will the Dems and the White House do? Probably let them have their way....all so the GOP can give the rich a big ole fatty bailout. You get what you vote for.



Anonymous said...

i don't see how he can try and be above the fray. Get in there and start throwing elbows!

Does he get that there is a war going on for the soul of this country??!!!

he has yet to hammer home the message that the other side is inhumane: Fallen on hard times? Too bad. Can't make ends meet because your unemployment benefits have been cut off? So sorry, better luck next time!

I mean, why hasn't he hammered home the message about who's side these sub humans are on? it ain't the little guy, that's for sure.

Asian-American Pundit said...

I couldn't agree more. It's time to fight otherwise there won't be much left to fight for...