Monday, December 6, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wait the weekend is over? Noooooooo! Darn nambit suckatash floopity floo. The lady and I enjoyed our two and half year anniversary this weekend. We kicked it off with strong drinks and Cuban food at the packed Cafe LaGuardia. Followed by downtown shopping (to no avail) the next day and Maria Bamford at the Mayne Stage. It was a perfect ending as we laughed so much our jaws were sore. Yesterday I couldn't even bare to watch the Redskins play and man did they disappoint. They didn't even show up or perhaps the coaches didn't even game plan? Regardless I'm a Bears fan for the rest of the season. BEAR DOWN! P.S. It's so cold out in Chicago today I lost feeling in my face. P.S.S. I need to move to California if after four years of living here I'm still bitching about the weather. P.S.S.S. Who puts post scripts before the post is over? This guy!

Here are your highlights:

Democrats pushing for the DREAM Act
and anyone who calls it amnesty is being a dishonest fear monger

Greenwald gets Greenwalled effective today I am ending the "Frankism" it will be replaced by the more internet friendly "Pwn'd." Glenn of late has been rather dickish not sure what's going on, but he seems to be losing it.

Christmas decorations I believe in

The other type of terrorism and it's being ignored (h/t Crooks & Liars)

The Tax Cut "Deal" is shaping up, but it is a really a deal? Regardless the Wall St. boys are ready for anything...good to know and Bernie Sanders says it like only Bernie Sanders can.

And thirdly, Mr. President, what I would say without the slightest doubt is if these guys are successful in giving $700 billion more in tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, the next thing they'll do is run down onto the floor and they'll say, 'Oh, my word, the deficit and the debt are going up. We've got to cut Social Security, because we have such a large debt -- yeah, we've raised the debt by $700 billion, now we've got to cut Social Security. We can't afford to extend unemployment compensation. We just can't do it. ' "



MojoRider said...


I feel your pain. ALL Skins fans feel the same pain. I just couldn't watch the game. Nothing good could come from it and it turned out I was right.

John Riggins is right when he says that Dan Snyder is cruelly exploiting the footballs in DC by peddling hope. Because the hope never turns out to be anywhere near close to a good a product on the field as the promises of it are. This year isn't a turn-around year at all, it's more of the same because Snyder has mortgaged the future by giving away our draft picks.

There's a great saying that some Irish soccer fan had about his team and their chances for the World Cup. It soooooo applies to the Skins:

It's not the disappointment, it's the hope that kills you.

So I've moved on; football just doesn't interest me as much, let alone Redskins ball. It's time to focus on hockey, where the Washington Caps can at least have a decent season before they do their annual disappointment in the playoffs.

MojoRider said...

oops! i should proof read what i write.

meant to say, Snyder is exploiting the football FANS in DC....