Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Holy hand basket of crazy! Last night was Drinking Liberally and primary day. The purge for pure conservatism continues and the media keeps failing. What I don't get is why are so many people giddy about O'Donnell? She think masturbation is cheating on your spouse! WTF? Most of DL was quite funny as we tossed names in the hat for Mayor. Most people are expecting Rahm to sweep in like the wicked witch of the White House, while other expect the machine to ultimately prevail. Only time will tell. This weekend is voter registration at the White Sox game. So if you aren't registered and you are at the Sox game, look out! We are coming for you (wink O'Donnell).

Here are your highlights:

Police baffled by Evanston beheaded body and explosion

Defining genuine "Grass Roots"

Krugman with a rather simple question for Dems on Obama Tax Cuts

Chick-fil-A in Aurora. F-you Aurora.

Various reactions to last nights orgasmic electoral results. She won't win. It is starting to look like the GOP is imploding... The results though have me and some others worried. What is happening in this country is not without a historical precedent. The purging of sensible ideas or even basic conservative principles for more extreme and fringe ideals is a Troubling Thing.


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