Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Waddup Blogosphere!! Or should I say Blagosphere!!?! Or should I say Rahmosphere!?! Everyone is all a chatter about who will follow Da Honor Richard Daley after he retires. The rumors have started. The Twitter accounts have been made. Get ready for Chicago mania! Too bad who ever inherits the job is going to have a hell of a time filling budget gaps, dealing with cloutastic corporate pols and a city looking for something better than 10% unemployment. Hooray!! I wouldn't sign up for that, don't know what kind of glutton for punishment would...the question is what insider will muscles his/her way into the Mayor's seat...not sure yet. Tonight starts the beginning of the NFL season. Can't f-in wait people!!!

Here are your highlights:

Your honor roll kid has nothing on my gamer kid

You know...we could probably use those jobs. If only Global Climate Change was real, we could employ people and boost our economy...

Does Linda McMahon have a dead wrestler problem?

I will wait and see about GoogleTV

Republicans getting ready to start their own DEATH PANELS!!!

Soaking the Rich, America's Past time


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