Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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So for those of you wondering. I am okay. I felt ill at work yesterday and had to skip out for the rest of the day. No I did not "hold up the Discovery Channel", which I am sure many of my Asian-American brethren will be getting for the rest of the week. I am truly glad everyone is safe, however it was surreal (for reasons I cannot disclose). One thing I am hoping will happen is this incident will fade out like the IRS plane crasher. The news though has a tendency to pay more attention to ferners who go a little crazy (I am not watching this morning on purpose). This guy was neither left or right, despite his environmental rantings, he was deeply disturbed and it is sad that as with the V-Tech shooter that the gunman received psychiatric analysis and was deemed "normal." Oft times these disturbed individuals know their way about the system and it is both frightening and troubling. This shouldn't be as dramatic as V-Tech (hopefully nothing ever will be), but my fellow Asian-Americans don't be surprised if some ignorant glance comes your way this weekend. *Sigh.

Here are your highlights:

Desktop Wallpapers for September

Good for her. Christina Romer makes her final speech a call for MORE STIMULUS!

Driftglass is on a roll these days

GREAT NEWS! Unemployed down a wee bit

Drink on Drinkers

RAGE!! The Sun Times fact checks Obama's Iraq Speech. Really? Are you that dense? Does the media really lack that much self-awareness? If only people would have fact checked Bush's speech on entering Iraq we wouldn't have been there is the first place!! Fucking sociopaths! *throws chair and desk and does a sweet break dancing move!


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