Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do We Even Need a Graph?

Steven Benen links to a Tim Noah series titled "The Great Divergence." The graph below weighs income growth rates under Republican and Democratic presidents.

As Benen points out:

Also note, there's not only a difference in who benefits most, there's also a straight-up difference between the parties: under the GOP, the very wealth benefit more; under Dems, the middle and lower classes see their incomes grow more. But in literally every category, Americans do better under Democratic administrations than Republican.

But is a graph necessary? At this point in our history it should be unequivocally clear which party benefits which part of America. GOP = Rich. Dem = Middle Clas & Poor. Has it always been that way? No, but it has been plain to see over the past 60 years or so that is the case. A graph is pretty and makes many of us feel vindicated; however it won't change the American Right or its Right Wing.

Facts don't matter to these people. Socialism. Birth certificates. Tax Cuts and Illegal Brown People with beheading capabilities. These are what "real" Americans worry about and lord knows Republicans have the best economic policies ever. Period. Destroy Social Security. Destroy Medicare. Forget about roads and education. The lights will go on by a touch from the wand of the Free Market Fairy.

So yes, this is interesting in a fact based world for those wondering how to best implement policy for the greater good. All of that however is moot when you realize that those you are trying to convince don't live in a fact based world.

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