Monday, August 2, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It is was a lovely weekend in Central Illinois. The lady and me trekked down Friday night and baby sat with her mum most of Saturday. Yes we drove three hours to babysit. It was a great time as the young babies were behaved and hilarious to watch. We then enjoyed a dinner on the boat with the in laws, made s'mores on the grill(We treated ourselves because damnit we earned it) and sipped on some Canadian wine (SOCIALISTS!). This week is packed with stuff to do. Get my Redskins Tix today, Laughing Liberally on Wednesday, INSANITY and begin research on Thursday(more on this later). Included a pic of Wrigley because he is the nicest dog I know. Hope you all had a rocking weekend!

Here are your highlights:

Lady Gaga I love you more

This is just getting out of hand. Greenspan even telling people to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire.

Some good news on immigration

Mission....aww screw it. Finally. Ending the war in Iraq.

We are ruled by Sociopaths

This is just adorable. Starcraft II tears.

Defining Prosperity Down. It is clear more than ever "they just don't give a fugg"

The "Party of No" is now doubling-down and is the making its way as the Crazy-Con Party. I vote for a reason and that is reason is too avoid a complete an utter takeover by the zealots who parade around in suits on Capital Hill as "patriots."


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