Thursday, August 5, 2010

From the Mix Tape - Park

I haven't found much new music that I am "in" to at the moment. So I have been doing somewhat of a case study (pun intended). During a recent adventure to the outer limits of Hillsdale I popped in an old Park cd. I was immediately taken back to long drives down I-95, lost loves and way too many hangovers. Park for a specific moment in my life was the default soundtrack.

Years ago while they were on tour they hit up a smaller joint in the heart of Baltimore. I was lucky enough to arrive early. The place had the normal aesthetic; old punk posters, grunge walls and the smell of smoke. I noticed Ladd (the lead singer) at the bar and offered him a drink. To my surprise he was more than willing to hang out. We talked our favorite bands at the time, his Pinback, mine the Decemberists and chatted the pains of working with a record label. I also prodded him for lyrical context (Who's Emily?). We threw back shots of Jager intermittently with our brews of choice. All of this before the band was to play. (That night I may or may not have contributed to a few miscues in Ladd's guitar playing.) The show turned out to be an unforgettable performance. One in which the band played "Dear Sweet Impaler" per my request and yes I received a shout out. I have had various experiences over the year with bands that I admired, meeting Park turned out to be one my personal highlights.

Suffice it to say I am ecstatic for a few reunion shows in October. Doubt Ladd will recall the show or meeting me, he was pretty hammered, but I will be there throwing up the \m/ for a chance to hear Park rock again.

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