Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Damn I wish it was Friday. Yesterday I went toe to toe with the exercise routine that kicked my butt last week. Not gonna lie I took it a little easy. The results thus far for the lady and I have been great. She is seeing definition in places she wants definition in and her jaw line is visibly sharper. I am finding I have more daily energy and my shoulders are starting to look like their might be muscles under there. I still need work and am looking forward to the end of the month. Almost two weeks down, only 6 more to go! In other news, the boat is awaiting our arrival, the lady and I can't wait. Pictures will surely follow of the puppy, lake and meals!

Here are your highlights:

Greenspan still saying "no one saw it coming", but um...they did

Financial Reform bill passes the House
. Wonder what goodies Scott Brown and Ben Nelson need for it to pass the Senate?

Not bad, not bad at all. Wonder Woman makeover

A Simpler Hormone-Based Explanation for Bank Behavior

Don't know if you noticed, but Obama teh evil is Getting Stuff Done

The unemployed get the shaft by Ben Nelson & GOP. Why? Because the unemployed should suffer until we know the benefits won't add to the deficit. Speaking of deficit, how about those wars which continually are funded blindly? That's what I thought. Crickets.


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