Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sullivan on Israel and Gaza

Sully seems to be reading Frank Chow:

And let's not delude ourselves: the reason so many of us find the policy toward Gaza repellent is that it is quite obviously an attempt to collectively punish the people of Gaza for voting for Hamas, and then for lobbing missiles after Israel's withdrawal. That was the element of the 2009 war that was so horrifying to those of us on the outside, and that is why this blockade, designed to maintain total control over 1.5 million people (and to benefit various Israeli economic sectors), is so disconcerting.

And it is, of course, self-reinforcing. Has the war and the blockade hurt the idea of Hamas? Au contraire. It has legitimized it. When you end up killing civilians to prevent access to toys and wheelchairs, you have lost any desire to win the war of ideas and have retreated instead to the logic of force.
The Bush-Cheney administration is, in other words, alive and well ... and in Jerusalem, and backed by the opposition, because it is backed by the people.

It is the Israeli version of Freedom Fries.

Glenn Greenwald appeared yesterday on Dylan Ratigan where he sparred with Eliot Spitzer. Greenwald as customary was quite combative, but informative nonetheless. The video speaks to much of what I have already expressed in more detail.

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