Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

The debate rages on! The lady and I can't make up our minds whether or not to purchase Insanity or just learn the routines we find online. I am for purchasing as I believe technique and motivation is key, YouTube won't provide either. So before we go INSANE, we have to decide our method of INSANITY. Man that sentence was fun to write. This weekend I will be shooting pick-ups for the short I have been working on and celebrating two years with my lady. Yes TWO YEARS! It has been a fantastic ride and I couldn't be more grateful. The plans are simple; Tango Sur (the spot of our first date) and a weekend with friends. It is a recessionniversary.

Here are your highlights:

The missed called heard around the world. It is the Tigers, I don't care.

Dear MSM: Politics is still not a crime

McCartney serenades the First Lady

Paul Krugman with Things Everyone in Chicago Should Know (econ wonkish)

June Desktop Wallpapers. I went with the WORLD CUP BITCHES!

Time to Start Smearing Turkey

Ole Huckleberry has been lauded by the press of late, but the truth is much harsher. I am talking about Bobby "Golly Gee" Jindal and he is a not a hero. He has been BP BFF and an off shore drilling champion for some time.


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