Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fear the Nut

BooMan has been painfully subjecting himself to CSPAN and the debate regarding EPA powers. The "debate" has been mind numbingly stupid and frightening:

What's most remarkable about the debate, however, is not that a few Democrats support the resolution. What's remarkable is that one Republican after another is taking to the floor to dispute that global warming or climate change is occurring at all, that it wouldn't matter if it was occurring, and that we're powerless to do anything about it anyway.

I mean it's not about debate a policy, but a debate about whether science counts for anything. As Bernie Sanders asked on the Senate floor, if all our science-producing agencies are producing inaccurate information, then why are we funding them?

But that's the problem with the current incarnation of the Republican Party. They don't have any grounding in reality. And, even the few who do are perfectly content to pretend they don't. How can a political party run our government and all its agencies if they won't accept their findings?

I'm telling you, this is why I have decided that the biggest threat facing our country is the mentality of the Republican Party and the prospect that they might take power again and try to implement their twisted version of reality on the nation and the world. You thought the Bush administration was bad? You thought Tom DeLay was a nut? Just wait for the next group. You ain't seen nothing yet.

The Republican party has been deteriorating intellectually over the past twenty years. They have always been in the hands of the big corporations, however the embracing of anti-science, which was once a fringe element, is now front and center in policy and in rhetoric. It is apparent facts do not matter. History does not matter. And now the very idea of science is in question.

The Idiocracy that the Republican party would be content to implement is the gravest threat to our nation. I have been saying it since this blog began and it is truly scary as shit to imagine what future they would manifest. It isn't a matter of fearing them for loss of power or politics (I don't foresee a '94 in 2010), it is the idea of the nuts running America into the asylum. There is just no positive outcome. As BooMan says if you thought the previous administration was bad think again.

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