Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bout that Time

To start prepping for the evening. Chicago is a mighty fine city to have NYE. Be safe everyone.

On the Menu:

Teryaki Chicken
Rice or Potatoes of some sort
Light Salad

Dessert- Chocolate Boms

Various forms of wine and champagne to wash it all down! Happy New Year!


Get Your Dunkin New Year's Eve

Wow. Did all this go by fast, nothing quite like a fast paced and ridiculous year. It has been fun and much more is to be done in 2010, the Frank and the Chow can't wait. Outside the weather is pretty awful. The lady and I's plans to ring in the New Year are some definite rest and relaxation. We decided to keep it chill and let the amateurs get hammered and messy on NYE this year. Don't worry all we aren't abandoning the idea of the ritual of NYE just this year it seems appropriate to have it be her and I...and some bubbly. All the best to all of you! Happy New Year!

Here are your highlights:

Craving Terrorist Melodrama

The No Shame GOP

Good new is good news, jobless claims fall unexpectedly

Time for me to get a new car and a DeLorean sounds perfect!

Oh this always weirds me out, but people are already celebrating the New Year across the globe, Happy New Year Sydney!

My favorite part about this time of year besides the obvious time with friends and family is College Football. I am not a fan of the bowl game format, however I get psyched for the competition. College sports always are more exciting due to the lack of experience, momentum shifts and the storied histories. Here's hoping for a Roll Tide Win (but why is it the 7th of Jan)!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Movies of the Decade

A work buddy had us all compile a list of our top movies of the decade. Weird to think it is already coming to a close. Here is my list. Enjoy!

Top Ten Movies of the Decade (in no particular order):

Dark Knight
There Will Be Blood
Almost Famous
American Psycho
Kill Bill
The Incredibles
Pan’s Labyrinth
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Donnie Darko

Honorable mention: Hero, Memento, Two Towers, Gladiator, all Pixar releases

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Republican Scandals of the Decade & The Village Explained

Marc Ambinder has a poll at the Atlantic asking readers, "What is the best (or worst) Republican political scandal of the decade?" His choices are as follows: Sen. Larry Craig's airport rendezvous, Abramoff investigation, Sanford off to Argentina, Rep. Mark Foley's dirty little IM's...

I can't think of a better way to explain the Village to anyone unfamiliar with the concept and term.

Jamison Foster:

Not mentioned? The Bush administration lying its way into a war of choice, listening in on the phone conversations of Americans, torture, Abu Ghraib, putting an unqualified crony in charge of FEMA, the US Attorneys firing, outing a CIA operative to get back at her husband, etc.

I don't think Ambinder is unique in his view of what constitutes a major political scandal, not by any stretch of the imagination. But when the political/media elite come to view the possibility that Larry Craig tried to pick up a guy in an airport as more scandalous than Abu Ghraib, warrantless wiretapping of Americans, or the dishonest march to war against a country that didn't attack us, we're in pretty bad shape.

Heck, I think it also explained the term *headslamondesk If there is one thing in 2009 that I sure hope changes in 2010 is how diluted our discourse has become. From the election on we have lived in an alternative universe where looking back is frowned upon, learning from our mistakes is unheard of and accountability is a witch hunt. I just don't get it. My hope is probably a lost cause, but it would be nice to bring in a little sound dialog in this nation. As Al Franken so aptly put it on the Senate floor, "we are not entitled to our own facts." Yet after this kind of banner year, I say we are entitled to our own facts and the Village and the oh so liberal media will aptly applaud their audacity.

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Friendly Reminder

To the Dems, you won't lose seats in 2010 because you weren't "far to the left" or passed health care legislation or support the president and his "radical agenda." It will be because only one party has been talking and people will believe anything they hear, if they hear it enough.

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Top Ten Albums of 2009

I know there are some albums I have not been able to get acquire that have made many a list, but these are my top picks for 2009. It is what I have grown to love, sing a long to in the car or just rock the eff out to over this past year and to be honest 2009 had some great music. I can only hope 2010 is this solid.

Frank's Top Ten of 2009

1. Chuck Ragan- Gold Country
Chuck Ragan is the man, what else can I say? Ragan on "Gold Country" defines a new era of folk; not quite as timid as the Nebraska brand, more punk influence and gritty as the man's beard. It is the type of album that you put in your car or at home, kick back a few beers with your friends and reminisce. Highlight Track- Glory

2. Tegan & Sara- Sainthood
These two can't do much wrong in my mind and I don't care what flack I get for it. I think everyone and every critic has written about them what can be written. Clever pop. Amazing hooks. Tell all lyrics. Highlight Track- Someday

3. Brand New- Daisy
I might be one of the few people taken back by this album. It was much harder than I ever expected, much more abrasive and pleasantly surprising. I didn't think they could compete with "...Devil Raging Inside Me" and this album isn't quite that good, but it stands on its own legs. Lacey is a vocal wonderment, switching from gut wrenching screams to soft melodies; there isn't better in the genre. The musicality of this album is much more experimental than any previous release and has me wondering "what's next". I feel like every year Brand New releases an album I am highly anticipating the next and that is a good thing. Highlight Track- At the Bottom

4. Manchester Orchestra- Means Everything to Nothing
2009's answer to Weezer's "Pinkerton". No seriously I don't know what else to the album. Highlight Track- I've Got Friends

5. RX Bandits- Mandala
Got rid of the horns. Gained prog rock fortitude. Hella good album. As with all of these albums "Mandala" gets a heavy rotation on the ole Ipod. The time signature changes are something Mars Volta would be proud of and the overall musicianship would make John Petrucci smile. I have always loved RX Bandits for the way they infused many genres into their brand of ska, now they are full on rock band and better for it. Highlight Track- It's Only Another Parsec

6. Thrice- Beggars
If you remember Thrice's ambitious elements based four album release, this album is what happens when you pick the best tracks from each specific element. Memorable, breathtaking and challenging. Dustin Kensrue has become such a complete songwriter that you are guaranteed a near perfect release every time. Highlight Track- All the World is Mad

7. P.O.S.- Never Better
I think I have said this already, but I was late to the P.O.S. train. "Never Better" is what happens when a rapper takes the punk/hardcore aesthetic to hip hop. I don't think Jay-Z could envision anything quite this ambitious. HOVA might have to move OVA...yeah I know the longevity of Jay's career (he will always own that) but P.O.S. is doing something wildly different and it is surely the best hip hop album of 2009. Highlight Track- Drum Roll

8. Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus
Don't call it a cop out. Phoenix, I feel like, has been on every commercial this year and in every retail store and I don't get tired of them. It's light, it's fun and pleasantly musical. The lead riffs are as "hum-able" as the hooks for Christ's sake. Highlight Track- 1901

9. The Decemberists- the Hazards of Love
Colin Meloy is an effin genius, do I still have to preface that? I don't think he has written a bad album. The man thinks and thinks and thinks, every note and line carefully weaving together stories that are not only heartfelt, but complicated. "Hazards of Love" is his most daunting album to date. It was originally penned to be a musical and although some of the theatrics are lost on the album release itself, Meloy's progressive folk rock is as solid as ever. Highlight Track- The Rake's Song

10. Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest
This was a tough decision, do I pick more prog emo/punk albums or the main album that calms me down after a rough day? I went with the latter in Grizzly Bear (you can only be so fired up so often). "Veckatimest" is a sensible pop record with an almost too perfect sound scape similar to Brian Wilson's "Smile." From the opening track the album takes you on a tour of melody that puts you in a trance. Every now and again an album comes along that you know you will play in the background of your daily life, this is one of those albums. Highlight Track- Two Weeks

Other lists out there: Spin, Paste, and Pitchfork

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Today is my Friday and I am g.d. excited. Yesterday was more of a cluster fugg than the day before as the lady and I tried to salvage the Xmas present I got her. Two things I hate in the world Ticketmaster and ticket bookers. There has to be a better way than having some scalper hoard tickets online and then charge you twice what they paid. THERE HAS TO BE!!! The New Year is creeping up on us and we have to get some resolutions going. Mine is simple. Take over the effin world...small task I know...the Huffington Post does have a small resolution that might change the scope our of Wall St. ruled system. Move your Money. It is an ambitious project that actually has a good point. We should be able to decide who and what is done with our money. Ripples in a pond my friends. Ripples.

Here are your highlights:

Dick being Dick aka a coward and a disgrace

If you haven't noticed alllllllll effin year, a Big Double Standard for Obama

A great year one analysis of President Barack Obama by Paul Starr - it is hard to believe it has been almost a full year since his inauguration and Starr puts it in historical context. It will be interesting to watch, but what sticks out to me most is all the criticism that Obama too for not doing enough to shape health care reform might ultimately turn out to be why it passes...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Teh Stupid of the Day

Rep. Dan Barton(IN), normally people have to have a reason to resign. You can't just dislike them and force them to resign anymore...there is a Democrat in office after all.

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Can Gaps in Security be Filled?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

"They will look at what we do and do something different"

That sums it up and most importantly the political theater is really meant to just make us "feel better," but it won't actually accomplish anything. One dialog that seems to be missing from most reports on this incident is that it failed. Civilians stopped this extremist and there was no violent jihad because the guy FAILED. I would expect at this point a Michael Bay film based off of this braze citizenry, however not even a Lifetime movie has been discussed. (too cheeky?)

As the rest of video points out we need to proactively investigate the processes by which terrorist operate. We already know what they can't do, how do we figure out what they will do next? The same goes for homegrown and domestic terrorists. This isn't a Muslim world fight and it is downright foolish to believe so, there have been in attacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The reason I point out many instances of "fear the brown people" is because it was the mentality that led to critical decisions in regards to anti-terrorism, Afghanistan, Iraq and our foreign policy for the past eight years. Those very policies, some of which are still in place, to this day have hindered our progress and safety in America. You can't make decisions based on fears or knee jerk response and you especially can't listen to leaders in pants wetting GOP. They wrote the book on fear politics.

Glenn Greenwald adds this:

As always, the most confounding aspect of the reaction to the latest attempted terrorist episode is the professed confusion and self-righteous innocence that is universally expressed. Whether justified or not, we are constantly delivering death to the Muslim world. We do not see it very much, but they certainly do. Again, independent of justification, what do we think is going to happen if we continuously invade, occupy and bomb Muslim countries and arm and enable others to do so? Isn't it obvious that our five-front actions are going to cause at least some Muslims -- subjected to constant images of American troops in their world and dead Muslim civilians at our hands, even if unintended -- to want to return the violence? Just look at the bloodthirsty sentiments unleashed among Americans even from a failed Terrorist attempt. What sentiments do we think we're unleashing from a decade-long (and continuing and increasing) multi-front "war" in the Muslim war?

There very well may be some small number of individuals who are so blinded by religious extremism that they will be devoted to random violence against civilians no matter what we do, but we are constantly maximizing the pool of recruits and sympathy among the population on which they depend. In other words, what we do constantly bolsters their efforts, and when we do, we always seem to move more in the direction of helping them even further. Ultimately, we should ask ourselves: if we drop more bombs on more Muslim countries, will there be fewer or more Muslims who want to blow up our airplanes and are willing to end their lives to do so? That question really answers itself.

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For some reason I don't think this will be making Sarah Palin's Facebook page.

I am Frank Chow and I can't wait for the Christian Right reaction to this movie!

Ninja Thought

The amount of holds put on Obama nominees is unprecedented, wonder why that would be...

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Hello Tuesday! This week over yet. Yep had a bad day yesterday, don't really want to talk about it, so let's not. The year is almost over and you know what that means...LISTS!!! Frank will be compiling his very own lists to ring out the year and welcome the new one. I am not a fan of NYE celebrations, probably will stay in, but lists I am all about. Here is what I will be looking at Best Albums, Songs, Movies, Eff Ups and Wankstas...maybe some more if I am feeling zealous.

Here are your highlights:

The Republican spin machine on spending is really a farce, Medicare Part D Revisited

Um what? Blue Moon

Sen. Jim DeMint blocking the TSA chief nomination, accountability by the media of the greatest deliberative body 3, 2, 1....oh wait that NEVER HAPPENS!

An Email from Nigeria- We haven't done enough reflection during the "War on Terror". I hope more and more people send in emails and letters like this one to remind us of the dangers of profiling and ill-advised paranoia. The right wing will continue to rile up fear, the blue dogs and Lieberman's will follow suit and it will be up to rational people (like Spencer Ackerman in the above video) to keep America from the "fear the brown people" mentality.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Late Night Music- Motion City Soundtrack

Rough day, I am out.


Terrorist Leaders Behind Northwest Plot Were Released by U.S.

This is going to be interesting, somehow I don't think this is Obama's fault (I know hard to believe):

Two of the four leaders allegedly behind the al Qaeda plot to blow up a Northwest Airlines passenger jet over Detroit were released by the U.S. from the Guantanamo prison in November, 2007, according to American officials and Department of Defense documents. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the Northwest bombing in a Monday statement that vowed more attacks on Americans.
American officials agreed to send the two terrorists from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia where they entered into an "art therapy rehabilitation program" and were set free, according to U.S. and Saudi officials.
Guantanamo prisoner #333, Muhamad Attik al-Harbi, and prisoner #372, Said Ali Shari, were sent to Saudi Arabia on Nov. 9, 2007, according to the Defense Department log of detainees who were released from American custody. Al-Harbi has since changed his name to Muhamad al-Awfi.

Can we just agree that not one of the Bush Administration policies kept America safer in any conceivable way? I know that he "inherited 9/11" and all, but come on. Who is anyone kidding anymore? The ripples of the Bush administration are long being felt after he has left office from the economy, to health care, foreign policy and national security. The sheer incompetence of the man aside, his administration dropped the ball on pretty much everything especially on their faux reality that his policies were keeping America safe. This is a prime example of that.

"Mission Accomplished" indeed.

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Wait for it

Spencer Ackerman:

Umar Farouk “When There’s Nothing Left To Burn, You Must Set Your Crotch On Fire” Abdulmutallab is currently detained in a federal prison in Michigan. For now! In a few days he’ll use his Muslim heat vision to escape and run amok in Ann Arbor, shortly after America is brought to its knees by the force of his oratory in open federal court.

Instaputz points out "it's funny because it's true." See this would be hilarious an almost Daily Show type of joke, except it is almost certain to be true. And it isn't funny it is frightening. We have already heard wonders from Jim DeMint blaming unions or mysterious something or others for this latest attempt. So let's be honest, it won't take long for some right wing patriot to declare something to this effect on teevee with Gregory or Wallace salivating over the "story." And all of it is of course proof that Barack Obama is the black Jimmy Carter. *sigh

I think it would be too much to ask for people to realize we can only do so much.

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Update: Wow, I am good. Via Crooks and Liars

David N

Memo to Gallagher: Nigeria is not in "the Middle East," and the suspect in this case was not "Middle Eastern" -- he was African.

If you want to profile every "known Muslim," you're going to have a hell of a time in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines, considering that their populations are a mix of the world's religions, and any Muslim who wanted to pose as a member of, say, a Christian church in order to fool authorities could do so with ease.

This just underscores how foolish the whole notion of racial profiling actually is, because when you embark on such policies, they actually make you more vulnerable, not less.

That's because terrorists are not that stupid. If you begin profiling for Middle Eastern men, they will find Indonesian or African or European operatives to perform the same task. If you begin profiling for Muslims, they will find ways to conceal their religious preferences.

We know two things about profiling, especially ethnic, religious, or racial profiling: 1) These policies expose the profilers to being gamed by terrorists; and 2) They are always a tremendous waste of resources and inevitably are counter-productive.

It's Only Just Begun

Guilty of watching a DVD and talking Arab-

Officials say two passengers who were removed from a Phoenix-bound flight Saturday after others aboard the plane noticed "suspicious" activity were not doing anything wrong.

Suzanne Trevino, a spokesperson with Transportation Security Administration (TSA), said US Airways Flight 192 was inbound from the Orlando, Florida when a passenger reported seeing two other passengers talking "suspiciously."

FBI spokesperson Manuel Johnson said a female passenger overheard the two men, described by officials as Middle Eastern, speaking loudly in a foreign language and reported them to airline staff.

According to Johnson, the two men were talking about being late for their flight and not being able to shop at the airport before boarding their flight to Phoenix.

The men were reportedly watching the movie "The Kingdom" on a portable DVD player while talking, and the female passenger, who was sitting near the men, thought this was suspicious and reported them to flight personnel.

Johnson said at least one of the men also got out of his seat when he was not supposed to.

TSA and officers from the Phoenix Police Department met the plane at the gate when it arrived at Sky Harbor Saturday night.

Johnson said the two men were removed from the flight and questioned by the FBI.

He said they were fully cooperative and it was determined the men had done nothing wrong. They were released and allowed to continue on to their final destination, Los Angele

(h/t Atrios) Fear the Brown People 2010 getting a head start.

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

I am back! Howdy! How was everyone's holiday? Enjoy your time off? I must say it was a fantastic time, full of booze, love and presents. Santa rocks! The family treks back to Virginia today, so keep them in your prayers. It is weird. Once you move away the holidays, whether you like them or not, mean much more when someone drives 14 hours to share it with you. Side note: If you drive through the snow with a broken windshield wiper that spreads mud in your line of vision, you swerve on country roads and you have to draft behind large trucks all to see your lady...that is love. So what I miss? Terrorists? Attempted terrorists? Apparently Obama has already failed since the terrorist failed...or something. Let's do this. Before the year is over we must spend our due diligence thwarting the "fear the brown people" mentality.

Here are your highlights:

The pants wetting has begun, Nate Silver breaks it down logically by the numbers- while the right wing want to profile everyone Muslim and brown

Shifting the Burden: the Repubs want to repeal health care reform, do it.. go ahead...and make my day

That didn't take long, Joe Lieberman already onto the next war, YEMEN MUST FALL

Our Dumb Country: abstinence only programs don't work

The End of the Zorn Era, last night was embarrassing, brutal and the opposite of everything I love about football. I had hoped for Zorn at the beginning, but that quickly faded when it turned out he didn't really have any grasp on how to run a team. Snyder of course never helped. Looking at the upcoming draft the offensive line isn't going to improve greatly, the defense still has some gaping holes at linebacker and the secondary and we don't have a healthy #1 back. That being said, I am excited for the possibility of Mike Shanahan taking over and just forgetting the last two seasons ever happened.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Dunkin

I am sucker for Christmas Eve in Illinois. The snow is on the ground. The wine and eggnog is flowing. And my family, the lady and the spirit of the holiday are all here. There's really nothing more satisfying after such a dramatic and historic year. Everyone already beat me to the punch on the health care vote. Much work is yet to be done, but for today all I have to say is, "Merry Christmas you wonderful Building & Loan!"

Here are your highlights:

It was close, real close both times, but the House and Senate came through

Linsday Graham gives the ultimate Republican Freudian slip...on why he opposes (and some of his buddies) health care reform...the black people... ooops

How wrong they were in August, Krugman nails it on the head

Congrats Geekologie writer for Merry Xmas Milestone

The Village has spoken, it's not bipartisan which of course is Obama and the Dem's fault

And with all my cheery awesomeness, The History of the White House on Christmas, hope all is well and merry and BRRRRIIIIIGHTHTHTHTHTH!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tomorrow and Zack Kim

Tomorrow is going to be a big day on two fronts. The family and I are together (missing Big Bro and Lil Bro Frank) as well as the lady. We will be enjoying a raucous day full of games, drinking and a lot of food. Secondly, health care reform is coming to vote on the Senate floor. Everyone has said their piece, this is only the beginning and our job is yet to be done.

So rock on tomorrow and enjoy some old school Zack Kim.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Late Night Music with David Choi

More wine to it drunk...ahh shucks! Sucky blogging continue!

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Time's Person of the Year

Is a moron and he still gets to keep his job. This world confuses me. (h/t Atrios)

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I am sorry I had major internet issues that last couple of days WHAT DO I DO WITH ME LIFE NOW?!! So what I miss? The Dems made 60 votes, the Redskins got smoked and the lady received her gift from me and it was a MAJOR HIT!! Let's just say I win and I always do, so just dance. I am excited as late last night Poppa Frank and Sista Frank made it through the snow and highway nonsense to Chicago safely. I will be blogging lightly for the rest of the week which really isn't that much difference that what I already do I guess. Oh well. Egg nog to be drank, Winter Lager's to be loved and warm wine to be gulped.

Here are your highlights:

The Left vs. Left fight is getting ugly

The Mayor of Chicago is pushing for JOBS! for Wal-Mart *slamheadondesk

Health Care Game is shaping up

I want a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie, yeah I said it

Rep. Parker Griffith (AL) Blue Dog Dem turning Republican, let him the first of many. I am more than okay with another obstructionists non-Democrats going to the party he actually belongs to ELEPHUGG

So many stories, so little time- the media and their 2009 FAIL


Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Storm in the VA


Virginia's governor declared a state of emergency Friday as a winter storm expected to pummel the East Coast this weekend began dumping snow in Virginia and North Carolina.
The storm is forecast to blast a narrow corridor from Richmond, Virginia, to Fredericksville, Pennsylvania, leaving interstates 95, 81, 64 and possibly 80 covered in significant snow, CNN meteorologist Chad Meyers said.

I, as you might know, grew up in Northern Virginia and I have always been amazed by how ill-prepared the metropolitan area was when it came to snow. It is literally a panic on roads, streets and in schools. We would get snow and people would act like they'd never seen it before, most resembling Hitchcock's The Birds.

What's was more odd to me was people would never do anything about it the next year. You would think they would at least have a contingency plan. Alas nothing has changed. I always wondered if it was more a political move to allow those who choose to live rich and in the "boondocks" (as we would call it) get away with their exclusive roads and communities. Closing schools was always the first option when you couldn't get the bus out to them and it always seemed liked the move was to appease the exclusive hoods. I didn't mind, I was a kid and loved missing school, but as I grew older I noticed even on skeptical days of "inclement weather" school was shut down. Maybe I am off, but then I read something like this.

William Kristol:

There's a really big snowstorm coming to D.C.tonight. It would be unsafe to ask all the staffers and Hill employees who'd be needed at the Capitol if Congress stays open all hours this weekend, as Harry Reid intends, to drive to and from work--especially since many will have to do so at night, and they won't be well-rested. So from the point of view of public safety and personal well-being, Ben Nelson can do everyone a favor, announce today he won't vote for cloture, and let everyone stay home this weekend.

I know Kristol is an unrepentant hack, but he probably isn't alone in his thinking. The Beltway would love the snowstorm to shut down the immediacy of the health care debate. But geez la weez it is snow, it is not the Day After Tomorrow. Or is that what really has Kristol shaking in his Uggs? I for one think most Virginians and those in the Metropolitan area just love staying in when it snows, so they find whatever possible way to stay in.

On a personal note safe trip to two people who know how to snow drive: Poppa Frank and Sister Frank who leave from Virginia on Monday to the Chi-Town.

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Ninja Thought

Dear Rahm, STFU

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Lunch Break with the Almost

Little Xmas Cheer!

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Health Care of Another Color

While debating health care, there is another underlining issue for Asian-Americans and people of color; race. Lee Fang and Sonia Sokhar have pointed out the obviously inequalities in our current system and what the current legislation in Congress might do. They also highlight how troubling and frustratingly overlooked health care for minorities has been left out of the debate.

The "gang of six" who steered the health reform negotiations for a good part of this year hail from Maine, Iowa, North Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Montana. The only state in that mix with a significant minority population is New Mexico; none of those states has a large metropolitan city. Deciding legislation with a group of all white senators from some of the whitest states in the union has policy implications. For example, as Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska (91.4 percent white) continues to suck all the oxygen out of any substantive debate, expect to continue to hear more about the "unborn" rather than the African American children dying within a few Metro stops away from the Capitol.

It is a wonder why Nelson and any of the six were never asked (and still are never asked) "how do you get to represent all of America?" Although Fang makes a great point, Ta-Nehisi Coates isn't so convinced that pressing these facts will make much a stir in the debate.

Ta-Nehisi Coates:

I don't doubt this, but I think there's another reason why this isn't coming up--there really isn't much to be gained from highlighting race. I've written some about the very visible effects of poor health here in Harlem. So, I'm certainly not blind to it. But from a black perspective, there simply isn't much incentive to make a moral appeal to the broader country. The past forty years have convinced me, rightly or wrongly, that most of this country doesn't actually believe that the race gap is a moral failing.

To the contrary, painting an effort as specifically, or disproportionately, helping people of color is doing your adversary's work for him. I don't think it's too much to say that a significant portion of this country thinks that we've done quite enough for the blacks. In a climate where people are already calling HCR "reparations," I'm just not sure how it helps to point out what we already know.

It really goes back to the lessons of Obama's run for president, and how he handled race. He wasn't unaware of what was happening--but there really wasn't much to be gained from him loudly discussing it. There's nothing wrong with marching quietly--as long as you're actually marching.

I have to agree with Coates on this one, as Asian-Americans are facing increased rates of diabetes and other illnesses that might be considered "pre-existing conditions"; the best bet is to make the general moral call and not a singular or racial one. The past election taught minorities across state lines that we do not live in a post-racial America. Raising the "race card" (which in fact is part of some of the opposition to health care reform let's be honest) would only further divide in the debate. Minorities are set to benefit greatly from health care reform, even if it is half of what it should be, but trying to make that case is less likely to have an effect on Congress and the people's mind than one would hope.

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Bout Damn Time, Audi Electric Car


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Get Your Dunkin Friday

It's here Friday! I honestly am ready for a break from work and the hustle. It's tough out here for a gangsta pundit...whatever that means. This weekend I will be getting some present early which is paramount as it will quell my rage on Xmas. It's so much as I am in a bahhumbug mood, just wish it was longer and that I wouldn't have to go back to work. I know, don't we all? I also will be giving the lady her gift, so if I don't come back Monday it's because the gift is that awesome and she won't stop telling me so! I RULE!! I hope everyone this year has a great holiday regardless of your beliefs because if we can't set aside our difference and admit I am always right, then what is Xmas really about?

Here are your highlights:

Obama in Copenhagen, the outlook is not good as China leads the F*U*Crew

The health care deadline is approaching, No Room for Error

Our very liberal media asks, Who is Winning the War on Christmas? By asking that question, I would have to say CNN

Quote of the Week: Bernie Sanders

X-Men is Back! And with Bryan Singer, phew no more music video super hero movies please

Rep. James Clyburn has a word to the Senate...shorter version SUCK IT!

Krugman on passing the bill, the strong persuader

Pitchfork Media has released its top 50 albums of 2009. If you are cool enough you will know all of them, if you are a lesser being you will know half of them and if you know zero of them...kill yourself. Pitchfork has spoken.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Design Inspiration/ Last Minute Gifting

Out of ideas for Christmas, get some Glennz Tees! Amazing artwork with clever designs. And no I am not suggesting you all go purchase me these tee shirts, but it would be nice ;)


What We're Up Against

A nice reminder from Media Matters,

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Asian-American Round Up

Philly School District is getting heat for not protecting Asian students, Minority Militant is pissed & WoWo says Raise Your Voice Against the Philly School District

Disgrasian gets on the cover of Hyphen Magazine

In L.A. Asian-Americans are driving the Army recruiting boom

Immigration reform, the battle has only just begun

Japanese Americans sent to internment camps while at University of California finally get diplomas

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Movie Preview Critic- Avatar Must Not Fail

A great review of Avatar and why you should see it this weekend or in the near months.

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Prayer Cast

Right Wing Watch has extensive coverage of probably the scariest thing I have seen this year from any Republicans and the right wing; "Prayercast". The purpose of course was to wash the sin out of our government and something about gays ruining marriage with their gayness. It is safe to say when Rep. Michele Bachmann is leading others in prayer to forgive governmental leaders...Houston....We...Have...A...Problem:

"Godly men and women"
"We deserve your wrath"
"Pray for our leaders, break into their hearts and minds"

My question, who is praying for these people?

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Last night was a wonderful company "get together." The lady and I enjoyed fine dining and the Merlot, we loved the Merlot all the while kicking it back with work mates. It is always interesting once you get people out of the office how they loosen up. Quite entertaining. In other news everyone and their mother is arguing on the Left about what to do with health care reform. KILL IT! PASS IT! I have already said my piece, but of course I am going to link to tons of others. This is a real mess and I love every second of it to be honest.

Here are your highlights:

Politicians are still missing the point, Obama, Pelosi get it but aren't doing enough, We Need Jobs

Couldn't Agree More, We Miss Ted Kennedy

And the best news I have heard in a long while, Vinny Cerrato is stepping down from Vice President of Ruining the Redskins. This is a relief and about damn time, finally Snyder made a good decision. Now let's see if the Redskins draft for the future. I would like a new offensive line, build around the talents we have by adding to the solid linebacking crew and another defensive tackle. And can we get a running back already? I love C-Port always will, but it is safe to say he is getting old.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dustin Kensrue- This is War

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Health Care Reform, Don't Kill It WILL It

I have had quite a bit of a back and forth over whether or not progressives trying to kill the bill is a good idea. As I stated earlier I think the best idea is to do it now, fix it later or through conference. I am sticking to the John Cole, Kevin Drum, and Steve Benen line of thought on this one. It does us no good whatsoever to walk out with nothing. The political climate of 2010 will be even more heated. Jobs are going to continue and the GOP will continue to throw temper tantrum after temper tantrum. Anyone thinking killing the bill will be triumphant in any way is in the words of John Cole, "smoking rock."

I find it rather disconcerting that people don't get this. Principal and ideology aside, progressives should be aware of history and what it tells us. It tells us if some kind of health care reform, like or not, does not pass the American people are screwed. The Democrats do not pass go, they don't collect 200 dollars and any piece of legislation thereafter will be treated with the same lies, corruption and Senatorial self-masturbation we have loved to loathe this past year. I am not suggesting 2010 will be 1994, however I do believe once the GOP and teabagger mob get a taste, they will want the whole fuggin shit sandwich. Heads will roll and the media won't help the progressive agenda or America in anyway. Iraq is a prime example of how the media will foam at the mouth with the idiotic and maniacal just to maintain their Village status quo. What's not to understand? You don't forfeit the game ahead 1 run in the top of the 9th inning. (oh yeah I threw in a sports metaphor, suck it Olbermann, two can play that game)

I get the bill in the Senate is crap compared to the purpose of progressive reform. I get that Lieberman is a douchebag as well as Nelson, Landrieu, Collins, Snowe, Baucus, the whole fuggin lot of them. I get that we are talking about people's lives, homes and livelihood, but that is why killing the bill is a terrible idea.

Kevin Drum:

When big legislative efforts go down in flames, they almost never spring back onto the calendar anytime soon — and that's especially true when big healthcare bills fail. It didn't happen in 1936, it didn't happen in 1949, it didn't happen in 1974, and it didn't happen in 1995. What makes anyone think it will happen in 2010?

If healthcare reform dies this year, it dies for a good long time.

Our foot is almost in the door, we shouldn't be closing it on ourselves.

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Lunch Break with Frank Turner

One of Paste's Top Albums of 2009

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Ninja Thought

Joe you fuggin child

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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It is 12 degrees outside with wind chill 0 degrees and my cold hands are still recovering. Also there is a visitor in the office today who is supposed to be really really really important. I am in super under cover ninja mode. I actually am quite excited as I have only two days left at work then I will have time off to see family and friends for the holiday. I am still warring on Christmas. I am still raging on New Years and I am still raging on the Senate and it's stupid faux health care debate. So let's do this, ninja vanish!

Here are your highlights:

Anybody go to the fight at UIC? Boxing Weekend Round Up

Bernanke is on the cover of TIME *headslamondesk, let's hope the curse lives on

WOW Hooters gift cards, stay classy Chamber of Commerce

Gitmo North, Glenn Greenwald on a civil liberties tirade, still shaking in your boots neo-cons?

Nate Silver is saying progressives are crazy for trying to kill the bill, progressives are up in arms! John Cole points out THERE IS NO GOING BACK. I for one am with Cole and Silver on this one, the principal of the argument from the Left is right on, but the passion is misdirected. Getting reform done is paramount and changing the bill over time is the best way to actual progressive legislation.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Village Idiot

Charles Lane

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Illinois to detain Terrorists, Let the "Fear the Brown People" Begin

I just love this country! Illinois is going to house some (NOT ALL ONLY SOME) of the Gitmo detainees in hopes of blotting out this stain in American history. Of course there is much uproar and much more fear the brown people.

From the Bankrupt Paper comments section:

Razldazlrr- Oh great - just what we need. The King has spoken and moving the terrorists to Illinois - let's hope they keep them outside in the cold a big portion of the time. I think a lot of the crazy libs are more worried about the gitmo terrorists than they are US citizens. Personally, most of them should just be exterminated (terrorists that is)

CiceroUnga- Don't forget the free Link cards, Wic cards, and EBT cards. Oh yes, they get free cell phones now, too.

dalmatian847- Better yet, how about putting them in Englewood or Roselawn or some of the other communities Obama helped "organized" where no terror suspect in their right mind would want to live.

CulpeperMinutemen- Man oh man, you dems/libbies would sell your mother's soul to buy a vote. Are you not motivated by principal at all? What will you all be saying in about a year when the families of these pieces of crap start moving in and building their Mosques (temples of hate), with the call to morning & evening prayer! I honestly have more respect for the Taliban & Al-Qaida.

And oh so much more! I often wonder how many adult diapers sell daily in America, obviously a lot.

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The Al Franken Decade

The Al Franken Decade, proves they are lying shamelessly

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Hello one and all, I had much needed R & R yesterday and then watched Sing Off with the lady. I know WAY TOO EXCITING! Although I don't think much outscores chilling with your lady and enjoying some red wine from Australia. I did come to one major conclusion last night, I hate barbershop and I hate cheesy collegiate acapella groups. And if you are an all girls group, forget about it. The word is "tinny." I can't tell you how much a difference the bottom notes of a song are, but with an acapella performance it is even more apparent. All right enough about that, I have things to rage about, yesterday by all accounts was President Lieberman's shining day of teh stupid. RAGE ON!

Here are your highlights:

Harkin is fed up and is trying to end the filibuster in its current form, FINALLY

All those scary terrorists are coming to Illinois! A prison near me, I am not shaking in my boots because I am one of those people who actually BELIEVES in our federal prison system

Ezra Klein is going toe to toe over the evil that is Joe Lieberstupid

Elizabeth Warren still awesomely smarter than Summers, Greenspan and Rubin

Who would have thought? People want Obama to stick to his guns rather than compromise away! Hey Prez LISTEN UP! We voted for change, if one party doesn't want anything to do with that I say forget about them and so do the American people


Monday, December 14, 2009

Day off

Taking a day off, Joe Lieberman can suck it

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Have A Good Weekend

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Bad Advice

Krugman poses a troubling and puzzling incite about the White House and its advisers. All the while he stumbles on a key point even he misses:

Interesting back and forth between Brad DeLong and Noam Scheiber over the question of whether Democrats, possibly including the White House, really believed last summer that “[t]he stimulus was working more or less on schedule, and the job market was gradually recovering.”

I guess it must have been true. But all I can say is, what were they thinking?

There was ample warning, even before the severity of the crisis was clear, that the recession was likely to be followed by a prolonged jobless recovery. E.g., here (January 2008):

I still keep reading articles asserting that the last two recessions were brief and shallow. Formally, that’s true. But … in both cases the employment slump went on for a long time after the recession was supposedly over.

There’s every reason to think that the same thing will happen this time. There’s a huge overhang of excess housing inventory; it will probably take several years before housing prices fall to realistic levels; and it’s not at all clear what will fill the gap left by weak housing and consumer spending.
Plus, there was no point in the summer during which unemployment claims signaled any real good news, as opposed to things getting worse more slowly.

Oh, and the Reinhart-Rogoff work made it clear that the aftermath of a financial crisis is usually a long employment slump.

So you really have to wonder who was giving the Dems very, very bad advice.

Who was giving "very, very bad advice"? You have to be kidding me. It was Summers, Geithner, Rubin and Bernanke; it is very clear who was giving the bad advice to the administration. The same people who were a party to or whose decisions led to this mess of an economy. Why would they not give that advice? They are the kings of the bubble. The mindset is as such: if you just close your eyes long enough you don't have to worry about the people adversely effected by your own reckless policies past and present. There is no recession, there is no recession. It is getting better....

There seems to be a game of "kid gloves" amongst economists. Inside their respective field you can't lambaste and hard hit your brethren, it would be bad form. Example, Brad DeLong pretends to be puzzled by Bernanke. I understand the professionalism involved in that, but FRONTLINE did an entire piece about Summers, Rubin and Greenspan, called "The Warning." It's not a mystery who they are and what they are about. These men are arrogant, egoists who won't admit they were and continue to be wrong (or coddle banks and Wall St. intentionally you can paint it both ways). And it is apparent they will continue to allow their ideology to cloud this administration's economic policy.

Mother Jones had a piece about Elizabeth Warren last month that summed up why the bad advice continues:

a Warren colleague at Harvard (who admires her) notes that Summers—who as Harvard president speculated that women may not have the same innate math and science ability as men—might share the sentiments of fellow Harvard economists who dismiss Warren as insufficiently theoretical. "They think she shouldn't be talking about bankruptcy except as someone in the economics department would—that is, with formulas and theorems, not about how it affects real people."

Because if you start thinking about how it effects real people there has to be some culpability for your "very, very bad advice."

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Taibbi on Colbert- Goldman Sucks

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Well done all around: "one Ponzi scheme after another"

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Lunch Break with Passion Pit

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Change I Can Believe In- Stem Cells Kill HIV

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, made a stunning announcement Monday: Stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV.

The results, published Monday in the online journal PLoS ONE, demonstrate that human stem cells can be engineered into the equivalent of a genetic vaccine.

"We have demonstrated in this proof-of-principle study that this type of approach can be used to engineer the human immune system, particularly the T-cell response, to specifically target HIV-infected cells," lead investigator Scott Kitchen, assistant professor of medicine in the division of hematology and oncology at the Devid Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, said in a release. "These studies lay the foundation for further therapeutic development that involves restoring damaged or defective immune responses toward a variety of viruses that cause chronic disease, or even different types of tumors."

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What Do the Dems Not Get



best hope is that this is mostly about selling future deficit reductions rather than anything near term.

I do not know why Dems think people really care about the deficit. They don't. In bad times it's just something "bad" they project their anxieties onto, but they don't care.

Though, in the spirit of cooperation, I will offer up my suggestions for deficit: cancel a couple wars.

It's as if we have an entire leadership made up of men and women who never learned a thing about the Great Depression...

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Friday is here (how many time have I written that?) and I am psyched for this weekend. The lady and I will get some qt, I am auditioning somewhere for something and I got paid today. Add all of that up what does it mean?!! Winter boots bitchesssss! Yes I know, "Frank you have been living in Chicago for like four years and you don't own boots?" Welllll I am from the VA and always found it hard to buckle down and admit defeat. This winter is already to the negatives with wind chill compounded with snow and slush, Frank's gotta do what Frank's gotta do. So which ones shall I get? Manuggs? Target brand? North face? I am thinking somewhere in between, just can't justify dropping 200 bones for a couple months of dry feet...

Here are your highlights:

The funniest protest signs of 2009

Speaking of taxes, HOT NEW TAX IDEA (if only it was being sold by Victoria Secret models)

Not sure what Mickey Rourke is doing here, but for your eyes Iron Man 2 poster, WHIPLASH!!

Have yourself a Merry Little Cake Wreck

It is becoming increasingly frustrating that the blogs and websites are the only ones holding the GOP ass clowns accountable. It is embarrassing that we spend so much time talking to and about Tiger Wood's mistresses instead of the health care debate and the clownish GOP. They don't want to have a serious discussion and they have become increasingly ridonkulous. HEY PAY ATTENTION! Why dontcha?