Tuesday, December 8, 2009

John Lennon

John Lennon's death still resonates 29 years later

I recall my mother playing Beatles' records as a kid. Over the holidays she would bring out these giant LP's, hold them ever so delicately and place them on the record player in my grandmother's basement. The basement was full of old wicker furniture that had faded teal cushions and we would just plop in them. In the middle of the room was this hanging chair which we would swing back and forth recklessly on the verge of its bolts coming loose. My siblings and I would sit and listen, then end up inevitably dancing and singing along. It was my mother's youthful adoration for the Beatles unifying with ours.

That's why John Lennon's death still resonates across the globe. It's a fond memory of grandmother's basement with my mother. The enjoyment of visiting Hampton, VA for the holidays and the early ending of a legendary man's gift to effect so many with song.

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