Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It has begun ladies and gents, that time of year where I begin bitching about living in Chicago and dealing with the snow. And don't think this year will be any different. WHY DID I MOVE HERE?! j/k I know why, just once it would be nice to have a winter that didn't make your cheeks fall off and I am not talking about the ones on my face. My tooty, I am talking about my freezing tooty, people. I would have used many other words, but my cousin's kids make me crack up when they refer to it as tooty. Just say it out loud, you know you want to...Anyway, tonight is Drinking Liberally with a special "War on Christmas" theme. If you want to come on out to Sheffield's it starts at 7pm. Ho ho hooounnnngover, you will be.

Here are your highlights:

The abortion debate within the health care debate gets real, Boxer calls out Viagra

C-Street should be the next Scorcese movie...

ACORN!! ACORN!!! Remember all that populist nonsense? Well we were right, it was just that; populist nonsense. Congrats to Congress for looking foolish by this Faux News outrage

Obama to announce a plan on JOBS

This Decade the Warmest on Record: Oops myyyyy baddddd, this is of course is due to my undeniable sexiness and I, like a fine wine, have aged to a hotness no longer containable by the Earth's atmosphere


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