Monday, November 2, 2009

Saves the Day- Through Being Cool (10 yrs. Ago)

10 years ago yesterday Saves the Day released "Through Being Cool". As most who have written about this cd, I can remember being addicted to the music. I can't tell you how often I would put on this cd or put a particular song on a mix tape (yes those were cool when I was a teenager), but let's just say before Ipods this was in my daily rotation. The feel, the excitement, the gut wrenching lyrics, Saves the Day made an album about being young, different and punk. It wasn't your gutter punk, London or straight edge DC punk, it was instead a true suburban emotional punk. Since the release Saves the Day have influenced hoards of other bands some I wish had never heard this cd, however it is telling of the album's effect. To this day the cd resonates with me as a reminder of particular moment in my own history for that I am ever indebted to Saves the Day.

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