Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I am still at a conference, but luckily I can steal some internet here and there and RAAAAGEEEEE!!! How stupid was yesterday? An overall slow day, but I turn on the teevee and the liberally bias NBC has the "not contra-versial" Rush Limbaugh on and what happens this morning? THE SAME DAMN THING! Deja Vu? Re-run, nay it is more pandering to a loudmouth, blowhard who consistently attempts to divide everyone and their mother, but teh EnBehSee must appease their critics or else tea baggers will come a torch bearing and shotgun toting. All well what the fugg else is going on oh a big SENATE FINANCE VOTE ON HEALTH CARE REFORM. And who said change wasn't coming...

Here are your highlights:

Mort Zuckerman explains the Village speak

Liz Cheney and Billy Kristol, the Ambiguously Right Wing foreign policy duo


I would 100% eat those: Mario Brothers Bon Bons

IF you have been watching Health Care has failed like three, no wait, FOUR times already according to our Cable News

The media obsession with Queen Olympia Snowe is stupid, I don't even have to say more than that, you empower a woman who seems to be the last Republican acting in good faith only to allow her to get away with actually act in bad faith


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