Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Ladies and Gentleman hello and get ready for a raucous filled day! Last night was another successful and fun Laughing Liberally with the talented cats from the Accountants of Homeland Security running the funny. I was lucky enough to have the lady accompany me to the Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park where the hippies and socialism lives on. Har har har (socialist pirate laugh). It was a grand old time. Of course classes are kicking my butt...however I will be raging all day as I woke up to nonsense on teevee, a cold front and thinking it was Friday. DEAR LORD WAS I DISAPPOINTED. This weekend is the Drinking Liberally National Leaders Conference, we start at 7pm at our normal joint, Sheffield's. If you get a chance stop by and remember kids, Red, White & Booze.

Here are your highlights:

Chicago's violence problem is of course linked to poverty, but you won't see get that from the Trib or the local news stations

Eric Cantor, unsurprisingly, doesn't get that do what the General wants, isn't how it works

Look out this Halloween, it's it's it's JACK O VADER!!

People wonder why Justice Scalia is such a prick to many of us...BESIDES THE OBVIOUS...The Unambiguous Meaning of a Cross

Just when I starting to think Andrew Sullivan was turning around, he gets all Wanksta on us. One thing for certain there is apologizing and there is apologizing in JOURNALISM


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