Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama Death Care, Tammy Bruce and Laura IngrIdontcare

So if someone has a better idea and you hate them, IT IS A STUPID IDEA!!!!! RAGGGGEEE!!! This is what the discussion of health care has been walking into every day. England is bad. Canada is evil. Cuba has Castro and Che was a murderer.

So if they have better treatment, provide care to allllll of their citizens or something to that effect, they are evil? I can understand disagreeing with Cuba and Castro, but if he still has a better way than we do of cutting costs and proving care MAYBE THAT SHOULD BE A RED FUGGIN FLAG! Professor Hill tries to make a simple statement and the two ladies of liberty shout him down for suggesting other countries have better ideas.

A suggestion to Professor Hill quit wasting your time. If someone calls health care reform "Obama Death Care", they most likely live in a gubbament is evil kind of world, stashing Spam in their bunkas and praying to Jebus the black man doesn't cometh and taketh away our terrible and completely fractured health care system. Then when the Faux news comes a callin' good ole Tammeh puts on the lipstick and gets all Palin on ya. It is a lost cause in other words. *sigh

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

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