Friday, September 4, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Above is a download for you fans of Frank Art. It is a desktop that you can save which also comes with a nifty calendar. Hope you like it, kind of a grunge themed Chicago which is fitting. I have landed and everything is beautiful in Central Illinois. The air actually allows you to breathe and it is a tad bit warmer. In other words vacation is awesome. The lady and I are enjoying cooking, bbqin and the occasional beverage, today we will be boating, but I had to get in some quick takes of today's happenings.

Here are your highlights:

Greenwald explores the main reason the "journolists" won't support investigations into torture

Republicans don't want your kids to learn and the NYT sinks lower....This is one of the dumbest fake controversies I have ever read. But you see I read and reading is fundamental

Duuuuddee, give that Homeless Robot some change

The First Rule of Clout Club, Daley does want Daley wants

Football season is on its way and Angry Asian Man reminds us how sports get away with a whole lotta racism

The White House should not take Progressives for granted, YOU HEAR THAT RAHMBO?!

Last night I overhead on the Faux News some crazy conspiracies, some weird tales and desperate attempts at trying to undermine the President and health care reform. Not only is Obama a socialist, Marxist attempting to start a gubbament take over of health care, but he is also attempting to brainwash the children of America. I want discourse back, when fringe was called out as fringe and not the number one story on the teevee or pushed by the supposed "journolists"


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