Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Wednesday

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Hello Hump Day! Last night's show was a great success. Chicago Underground Comedy definitely had one of the best line ups I have seen. A word to the wise if you go to a comedy show, do not try to upstage the headliner. HE HAS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! Dude will Pew Pew you and...he did. Prescott Tolk is the man and one of the most respected comedians in Chicago. I rarely highlight more than one comic a week, but dude had it on lock. Hats off to the Beat Kitchen for providing a great venue. Other than that winter is back in Chicago, I have "school" all day and my back hurts. Am I 90?

Here are your highlights:

Performance enhancing drugs I believe in, If you aren't first you are last! NASCAR RULZ!

The ball is in Netanyahu's court

SARAH PALIN FOR PRESIDENT IN '12 oh....wait....about....that......

There was a Hotel Bombing in Pakistan, this is tragic and a sign that the Taliban is alive in Pakistan

WSJ missed the titled on this one...should have been "Cash for Guzzlers", but that might be a porno I have not seen....

This is taking Hello Kitty too far

Ross Douthat writes "Not all Abortions are Equal" and Hilzoy replies "Huh?" h/t A Moveable Feasta


President Gingrich is now Reagan the Second Coming, or something. I liked Tucker Carlson more with the bow tie personally. It was a clear "I am a douche" signifier. I have nothing against men who sport the bow tie, but his over excessive ties and frumpy Capital Hill color schemes were just prickish. The straight club tie obsession amongst the "elite" needs to end as well. They look like a bunch of whiny Harry Potters.


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Paddy K said...

Interesting response to Douthat from Hilzoy (or whoever), although I think he/she is missing the point in favor of doing a college philosophy deconstruction of Douthat's argument. The point is that one side of the abortion debate has become increasingly focussed on the "exceptions" and has therefore been hesitant (and resistant) to any restrictions on abortion, whereas the other side has ignored the "exceptions" and therefore refuses to acknowledge the complexity of the issue.

Hilzoy's deconstruction of Douthat is actually just as convoluted as Douthat's argument and it seems he doesn't so much disagree with Douthat's main point so much as he thinks he does and wants to rip to shreds the argument.