Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Did I mention FML?! Yesterday was a colossal failure so no reason for today to be worse. Rain. Muggy weather. I will take it as long as it ain't as bad as yesterday. I have a show tonight at the rockin' Chicago Underground Comedy at the Beat Kitchen. It is honestly one of the best shows in town and should be an awesome night with a killer line up starring Prescott Tolk, Joe Kilgallon, Mike Stanley, myself and the funny guy in the video Jeff Hansen. Jeff was one of the first welcoming comics in Chicago's scene. When I met him he was the young quirky comedian killing the crowds with off the wall humor. Today he is just as unpredictable with an edge that rivals the local best. Check him out at his site and laugh!

Here are your highlights:

Colbert with the troops
, "Yes, I feel the same way about me."

Chicago is cutting jobs and Drifty breaks down Da Mare

Madonna stole another African child

Obama tries to get the ball rolling on the Stimulus, 600,000 jobs is a start....looks like South Carolina might need some stim too

NO PORN?!! Are you kidding me....expect a baby boom

I hate Kobe

The Public Option and why we need it

Greenwald, the Ongoing War on Transparency



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