Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Tuesday

Conan will rule late night! I must say not only was it impressively funny and vintage Conan, but Will Ferrell was hilarious and Pearl Jam (despite sound issues WHY CAN'T THEY FIGURE THAT OUT) rocked. The return of sidekick Andy was fantastic as well. I must say I was never truly a fan of Jay. He had a nice way with people, but his skits, sidewalk talk and monologues were hokey and full of hack jokes. I know Conan is guilty of this too at times, but I am leaning that Late Night will allow him to really run with it. That's it for now....more later probably.

Here are your highlights:

Major Pew Pew, the world's largest Death Star...I mean laser

Japan is developing a warning system for the Pew Pew

The upcoming election in Iran is one of the most important this year, it has the capability to further radicalize talks or actually lead to rational talks. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might just pull it out if enough people do not vote.

Hurricane Season: 10 things to do NOW

Obama is saying he is taking a hands off approach to GM, but as Michael Moore said last night, "he has never been known to be hands off." I discussed this with my uncle last night. It is time for light rail. GM can employ many workers who they previously laid off and move America into the 21st century. Of course Republicans just want it all to fail.

Bill O'Reilly unapologetic hate speech

The papers just don't get it. As Atrios states, "Good Luck with That", if they do charge for linkage people will go elsewhere for stories. There are too many outlets and too many ways to obtain information. It is also a poor business model to be completely out of touch and retroactive.


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