Monday, June 15, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

this video is not mine, just youtubed it yo

This weekend I was able to attend a wedding in Springfield, IL. The capitol of the great state of Illinois and the home of Abraham Lincoln. We danced, had some bubbly and enjoyed the weather which was our first warms days in quite some time. Luckily I had the chance to visit the Abrahan Lincoln Museum on Sunday with the gf and enjoyed every second of it. I encourage anyone and everyone to visit it once in their lifetime. The wax sculptures are so lifelike and the interactive historical information is stunning. Truly one of the best museums I have ever had the pleasure of spending four hours in. It was truly presented with such grace and appreciation for the man that was Abraham Lincoln, you couldn't help but feel his experience as your own.

Here are your highlights:

The President visits Chicago
, the AMA will most likely throw bull and shizz his way. And I wonder how many stories were run about Bushie taking Air Force One?

Boxing this weekend, missed a barn burner, Cottey is no Closer

Netanyahu first 100 days

I had nightmare last night and this is how it looked

Pat Buchanan once a bigot always a bigot. The old racist guy continues to complain about brown people, women and somehow remains on the teevee...

Pop punk for your Monday, All Time Low

Timmeh and Lare outline regulation and reform finally. As Goldman Sachs cheers profit, Krugman says.........NOT SO FAST. It is clear that historically the last person we should trust is anyone with the job title "senior investment strategist."

Healthcare, a flashback The point of this is rather clear, yesterday I watched a bit of the Talking Heads on the Sunday Morning shows and Gregory (who by the way was in major douche mode with the VP) & McConnell shouted out the talking points of Luntz like it was embedded in them. It is a scared and robotic response to a rather complex situation, Kathleen Sebelius was a breath of fresh air. She was poignant and laid out a clear and simple explanation of why a public option must pass in Congress. Bob Cesca added this gem of an ad in favor of healthcare reform. I always find it funny when you see people try to argue against a public option, who really are they arguing for?


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