Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anne Applebum Fears the Yellow People

Anne Applebum prease terr us how you feerr:

I favor another scenario, equally speculative: Perhaps the North Koreans have stepped up their war rhetoric and war preparations because China wants them to do so.

Anne has a stellar resume , but when it comes to Asians she is in the field of fearing the Olympics and those darn Chinese gymnasts, CHINAAAA AWWWW and North Korea the new threat to America. She goes on with her detailed con-spiracy.

By permitting North Korea to rattle its sabers, the Chinese can monitor Obama's reaction to a military threat without having to deploy a threat themselves. They can see how serious the new American administration is about controlling the spread of nuclear weapons without having to risk sanctions or international condemnation of their own nuclear industry. They can distract and disturb the new administration without harming Chinese-American economic relations, which are crucial to their own regime's stability.

And if the game goes badly, they can call it off. North Korea is a puppet state, and the Chinese are the puppeteers. They could end this farce tomorrow. If they haven't done so yet, there must be a reason.


China has influence over North Korea
muahahahahahaeeevill, China wants to be a power in East Asia Well I guess as a country that makes sense. This is test on the Obama administration Yes because no other nation, leader and or country belongs to the U.N. China is after the President...makes perfect con-spiracy sense. I get it. There must be something involving China wanting to nuke America and prove Obama is a green leader with no experience.

Anne seems to be thinking too much at her neo-con think tankiery with ole Dick and Newt. Someone out there must have some neo-con logic...time to ask Billy Kristol....

Frank: Hello, Billy

Kristol: Yes, this is Billy Kristol

Frank: What do we do?

Kristol: Just launch some missiles, you know, in their direction.

Frank: Uhh....really? What about innocent people or escalation?

Kristol: They are yellow. Fear them. We must show our balls. America FUGG YEAH!

Frank: Uh, I am not so sure

Kristol: Don't like that? Get a rogue squadron to go into the depth of the North Korean Death Star and the shoot two proto shot downs their poop shoot.

Frank: Wait...that's Star

Kristol: FREEEEDOMMMM!!!! fries

Frank: All right you lost me

Kristol: Was ordering McD's, sorry, what do you want?

Frank: North Korea?

Kristol: Blow up China. End Game.

Frank: I give up.

This scene was brought to you by the New American Democratic Socialist of Hysteria. No bombs were launched in the making of this scene nor missiles. Major Pew Pew was avoided.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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