Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Tuesday

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Tuesday Daily Rock On

I am going to the Cubs game tonight and can't wait. It was an exciting night for sports, life and news. I joined a gym for a trial period and am already countering my workout with some early morning Dunkin' and a bagel with fatty boom batty cream cheesey. It's apparent I am not good at the whole working out and having a buff bod dealio, who cares I can rock the f out...here is proof.

Your morning highlights!

Torture doesn't really work and Cheney goes to jail...not yet...but here's to hope.

GO CAPS GO! And the Hawks were spectacular last night, Yes We Kane!

"I don’t think most Americans give a hoo-haw about private versus public coverage, as long as they can see a doctor when they need to." the Mahablog

When you are not slimy bankers, you might be bored, but you might also be profitable

New music from Mewithoutyou, different and interesting

Rachel Maddow gets a great perspective regarding "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Should Democrats be rooting for Charlie Crist?

REVENGE OF THE FALLEN wallpapers, my geek meter went up to 11 when I saw these.


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