Friday, May 8, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Friday

Morning Funny!

One day away for my beautiful girlfriend and her big day, oh and I am getting older. Last night Google maps failed me. It is disconcerting to know that Chicago is essentially a grid, but sometimes you can't find a place. Grrr...but at least it's Friday and boy to we have a lot to talk about here are your highlights!

U.S. Jobless rate, it's not pretty.

Can we just accept that baseball is not American and call it communist drug lords ball and move on! But the suggestion that it is Manny being Manny is quite fun banter.


Drew Peterson. The dude is guilty, he couldn't be creepier, more adamant about his own vile behavior and thank the Chicago PD for finally getting him behind bars before he strikes again.

Meghan McCain talks about sex and might just be the future of the GOP

The "off the record" meeting with the White House by Paul Krugman, it is becoming apparent around the blogosphere that the financial sector and perhaps the administration (aka Timmeh) doesn't understand that regulation is needed in order for this shizzle not to be repeated.

Pandagon on "Common Man Elitism"

Dick Cheney is daring, anyone and everyone to send him to pound me in a$$ prison

and from Driftglass, a family photo


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