Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scariest Video Ever- People Hate Gay Marriage

Today is full of WOAH, IS THAT FUGGIN' REAL?!! It is. And it is from the "National Organization for Marriage." Creepy, what I was expecting from this video, somewhere amongst the apocalyptic messages,was that Will Ferrell would jump in singing his DEVIL SONGS!!

It didn't happen and the commercial in turn became worse. Apparently people are scared of the LGBT community after the recent acceptance of gay marriage in Vermont, Iowa and now D.C. , NOM is telling us a "storm" is coming.

Perhaps they are lead by this guy?

Whoosh Rainbow Raider!!! He swoops into town spreading the Gay. He is a storm of homosexuality. How will you respond America?

(insert creepy music used during Halloween here)

A STORM OF GAYSS!!! NOOO!!! Honey quick, get the guns! Our towns will be clean, commerce and property values will rise, tolerance, acceptance OH MY and gay sex that I will never see because it will be in THEIR OWN HOMES, but the thoughts I will have about them having sex will be the DEVIL'S DOING!! GET THE FUGGIN GUNS HONEY!!! IT'S RAINING MEN!!!

Of course this is video backed by the religious right and of course we have numb nuts who buy into it and actually say these things. I guess they missed the part of the Constitution that says, SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!

I think there is a response to this video. Will, take it away!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

PS: Courage Campaign has something about this here.

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