Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chick-fil-A NO, Tea Baggin' Update

I was hopping around the internets and found this over at Think Progress. This tea baggin' has gotten out of hand.

Chick-fil-A you were so delicious and until today I ignored your deeply southern ignorant roots....HOWEVER, the time is now to add you to the list of companies I will never again visit to keep in business. And yes I have kept you in business for the past um 25 years with my insatiable love for your delightful morsels of breaded chicken in sangwich form.


Your support for tea baggin' is not only disgusting for the pornographic implications, but because people wear shizz tees and have signs like these.

Pictures over at Washington Independent.

I can't wait till they inflate the number turn outs, re-promote these on Faux News, dry their bag and try to dip them in the water again and then go to a fuggin history class to find an appropriate protest or group to model themselves after, I have an idea....

At least they were partly successful.

I am Frank Chow and this is all too stupid.

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