Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Real Conspiracy for Bill O Smelly

Bill O Huff and Puff has been ranting about a long ranging conspiracy among left wing bloggers and the mainstream media and the dead corpse of Lenin…or something like that.

In his growing paranoia of Mexico, the Dow and his hairline, he is now after Left Wingers as smear campaigners. It makes no sense and is probably the lamest attempt to detract from how bad the RNC is these days. He blames Daily Kos, MSNBC and us, the real people who have real concerns about our country.

Needless to say I have cooked up my own conspiracy in honor of Bill is all truthiness.

Bill O secretly attended Cornell University where he met Ann Coulter and together they had love child. The baby was the baptized in a Evangelical Church run by Rick Warren at the time and Rush Limbaugh was named the Godfather. Bill O named the child "the One" and for some time both he and Coulter raised the child in the secret basement bunker of Glenn Beck (which is for protection from alien communists). Later in these years Rush Limbaugh renewed his contract with the radio and then used that money to purchase CNN and support Bill O on Fox News as well. The baby started becoming a teen growing up and dating Michelle Malkin for sometime (though she was quite older, and the baby dumped Michelle because she was too white). All the while Bill O and Coulter invested in everything Jim Cramer told them making millions before the companies went belly up. Or so we thought. Who is Jim Cramer? Bald. White. Angry and loud. That's right. Jim Cramer is Bill O and Bill O is Jim Cramer.
The money market high rise made a bunch of rich people richer, exploiting the follies of the not so rich. They used insider trading, the media and Bush to inflate the market for their own profit only to bail before shit got this bad. O Reilly being one of them. All the while coddling this baby secretly to lead the nation...that baby though had a sex change in a last minute attempt to get the woman's vote creating the hooker booted wonder that is the lovechild of Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly. Sarah Palin. That's right SARAH PALIN is the LOVE CHILD OF ANN COULTER (her real age is like 75) and BILL O'REILLY!!!

It's true, this guy told me who I knew, who knew a guy who lived in Alaska for a week and then talked to a sister of a daughter I once dated who lived in Ann Coulter's womb for awhile till she was excommunicated by the Pope. Bill O told me in person when he was wasted and high off Oxycotin at a Rich, Rush and Fugg You party. But my sources are anonymous.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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