Friday, March 6, 2009

Asian Invasion

Reality TV is not my fav, not at all AMERICA! I am all about Sci-Fi and Pew Pew Action, but over my vacation I saw two amazing victories for the Asian-Americans. Quest Crew on America's Best Dance Crew and Anoop on American Idol.

First the silly display by Quest Crew on ABDC was unbelievable, their creative acrobats and tight choreography proved to beat the Beat Freaks, formidable foes, but not close to our Asian Brethren. They had it on lock Jabawockees style. (ps Jabawockess does not get spell checked, how's that for Asian-Invasion bitches) Check the video below to see Quest Crew holding it down! Although their hair is about a logical as Pink's or extras in the movie Mad Max, dudes rocked it.

And for a miracle kick in the Simon Cowell butt, Anoop Desai or ANOOP DOGG as Randy "Goodie Mob" Jackson titled him rocked it so hard that the judges on AI made it a TOP 13 instead of 12. Anoop has proven to have some mean chops vocally and a sweet southern accent via North Cacalaca! Let's hope the rest of America enjoys his stage performances and sweet vocals ala Bobby Brown. All I can say is ANOOOOOOP!!!!

Two triumphs and another happy dance from Frank, you could say good weather has made me soft, naw just showing the man you can't ignore the ASIAN-INVASION to your television. Word. To. That. Home. Slice.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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