Friday, January 9, 2009

Dear Mr. Reid,

below is a letter I wrote today to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid enjoy:

Dear Mr. Reid,

I am writing to you as a thank you. I thank you for not being from my State and instead representing Nevada. The same State that happily is home of Las Vegas (where I paid for my first hj) and Larry Johnson (Grandma Ma was awesome). You are also one of the Senators responsible for that ever classy slogan "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas."

Now I know there must be something else in Nevada. By the looks of your website you have what looks like cliffs and open skies but from the "Nevada News" tab you only talk about yourself. I am sure Nevada has people. And those people live there. And there are stores and such. And I bet those people talk to people like people talk to people everywhere else in the United States. But what is that Nevada has? What do you do? I am not so sure.

I see you pout on television a lot. You seem to have aged terribly. And recently you were quoted "I don't work for Obama." (paraphrase of course) Do you need a hug? Did your mother not love you? Why is it I have never heard you do a thing, but complain? Did you see someone run over your dog? Perhaps you have the runs a lot and so you want to get out of those press conferences ASAP? Or did you used to date that Pelosi woman and now she dumped you so it's kind of awkward at press conferences?

Let me know I am here to help and thank you again for not being from my State. I wouldn't like my Senator, "a leader" to remind me of Scrooge or a bulldog's butt with glasses.

Pass the Stimulus, money makes grumpy old white guys happy (at least that is what Hollywood shows me).

Thanks again,


Thanks dude,

El Thanko,



Thank you very much,

Frank Chow, Asian-American Political Pundit.

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