Thursday, January 8, 2009

19 Year Old Politician in California.....Please Get This Kid LAID

I normally don't applaud people other than myself, however Jeremy Yamaguchi (no relation to the hot figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, who I miss seeing every four years) is 19 years old and is a newly elected City Counsel member in Orange County.

Wow, when I was 19 I was doing keg stands, body shots and spending nights peeing in my roommate's closet (sorry Murphy). This kid is running shizzle for rizzle!

Although if you are 19 and a City Council member, that means you are mentally around 45-50. Making Jeremy Yamaguchi the oldest virgin ever to receive press. I mean look at the kid, I bet he goes home and sleeps on a Lincoln pillow, wrapped in Roosevelt sheets while wearing Ronald Reagan footed pajamas. He's signed his own "I am a virgin forever card." Who run's for office at 19? This kid. Yamaguchi san, I applaud your efforts and I hope you accept my gift. A mail order bride.

I am Frank Chow and you are welcome.

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Josh Helmuth said...

haha. I am Josh Helmuth...and this kid probably has 9 Monica Lewinskies! Too funny.